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Where to Camp in Singapore! 5 Spots to Go Camp-Out in Singapore

Why hutch yourself and your kids in a hotel room when you can enjoy the campsite at numerous places in Singapore, that will make you getting in touch with nature and its beauty to the fullest. Camping in Singapore is an absolute fun to spend your free time with your family, friends and beloveds. Discovering a perfect place for outdoor camping in Singapore could be a little perplexing.

Singapore does not simply offer its travelers fun and leisure through adventurous themes parks and safari; but it also offers plenty of chances to relish and appreciate nature at its fullest. Singapore nests so many National Parks that permits you to camp on and revel in their natural beauty. While you are wriggling about what to take for camping and what not; then don’t fret. All you need to do is to just march to one of the various shops located on the campgrounds have shops that are always happy to lease you camping gears if you don’t bring or don’t have any.

Where to Camp in Singapore?

For campers, we have organized a list with detailed information and prescribed camping spots in Singapore, to make the most of your next camping trip in Singapore.

1. East Coast Park

East Coast Park is a white sandy beach with water sports, sports facilities, local food stalls and a skate park. Situated along the shoreline, East Coast Park is spread over great 185-hectares and is among the most favorite destination for skating enthusiast. Campers may discover this place intriguing on the grounds that it offers a considerable measure of outside recreational exercises and fun activities.

You better come arranged for no less than two days of camping at East Coast Park; else you won’t have the capacity to appreciate every single activity here. East Coast Park is allocated into various zones called ‘Area’ which also offers amazingly fun activities; such as fishing, relaxation and photography at the Bedok jetty in Area F etc. But for camping you cannot afford to miss Area D and G, which offers water sports, cycling, skateboarding, cable skiing and much more.

Whichever of the between Area D and G you choose from the campsite, stopping at East Coast Lagoon Food Village is a must! This hawker-heaven will never fail you with its authentic selection of Singapore’s best. Hwa Kee’s BBQ pork noodle and Song Kee’s Orh Luak (Fried Oysters with Egg) are the must-haves.

East Coast Park is the most loveable camping spots in Singapore. East Coast Park require a permit if you intend to pitch a tent. Note that, the permit includes the number of days you will pitch your tent and not the nights. For instance, if you are camping from Monday to Tuesday, you need to apply for a 2 days permit. You can read more about how to get a camping permit in Singapore. Toilets and outdoor showers are available.

Note: Camping is only allowed in Area D and G only.

How to get there: Take MRT to Bedok MRT Station, then take Bus No. 401 on weekend and Bus 196, 197 on weekdays. Bus No. 401 will go straight to the East Coast Park. But if you are travelling on weekdays, though Bus No. 196 or 197 then stop at Mandarin Gardens and head to the underpass which will take you straight to the East Coast Park.

Address: East Coast Park Service Rd, Singapore 449876.

2. West Coast Park

West Coast Park has a lot to offer than only being a campsite and will answer your question of where to camp in Singapore. If you are visiting Singapore for the very first time, then you must include West Coast Park in your list; else we would say your trip will be incomplete. West Coast Park is an amazing camping spot in Singapore which is highly preferred by the local community as well as by tourists. Featuring adventurous camping and recreational activities for all age groups, the place offer great fun.

Like East Coast Park, West Coast Park is also divided into several divisions and every area has its unique specialties. But for camping, Area 2 is the most preferred one, as it is connected to both Area 1 and 3 and their activities. However, if you want some peaceful atmosphere, then it’s better to camp in Area 1.

You will also need a camping permit to pitch your tent on the West Coast Park in Singapore. Like East Coast Park and Pasir Ris Park, you can also put your online application for camping at West Coast Park by clicking here. Toilets and outdoor showers are available.

How to get there: Bus stop ID: 17291, 16241.

Address: South-Western most corner of Queenstown parallel to West Coast Highway – Singapore.

3. Pulau Ubin Island

Pulau Ubin Island in Singapore will certainly make you nostalgic by taking you once again in the period when the main wellspring of electricity utilized were the diesel generators. Pulau Ubin that implies a Granite Island is actually molded as a boomerang, and an extraordinary place for all camping devotees. Pulau Ubin Island offers you amazing peaceful and serene environment to relax and unwind in Singapore, far from the bustling city life. Furthermore, it offers some great opportunity to restore your love for nature and photography fervor.

You can effortlessly get to Pulau Ubin via boat in ten minutes from mainland Singapore; and we guarantee you that it will going to surprise you with its beauty and offer you an incredible camping experience. Camping at Pulau Ubin doesn’t require a permit. Since, it doesn’t require any permit; you will find tents in abundance! So, set out a bit early to find yourself a more scenic and picturesque spot along the shoreline of either Mamam or Jelutong beach. In case you are planning to stay overnight; then drop by the Pulau Ubin Police Post, so that they will pay special attention taking care of you.

In case your camping party has more than 20 people, then drop Nparks an email to guarantee there’s space and room available for everybody. Shelters and toilets are available. You can also enjoy a cycle ride for $5 only by leasing them from the nearby shops.

How to get there: You can avail the ferry ride for $3 which will you a one way ride from Changi Ferry Point to Pulau Ubin. The service is available 24 hours, but the boat wait for at least 12 passengers and if you don’t want to wait, you have to pay $36 as a full-fee.

4. Pasir Ris Park

If Pulau Ubin takes you to earlier times; Pasir Ris Park will acquaint you with all the present day camping and recreational activities that you would love to appreciate with your family and friends. Despite that, this place is not just about avant-garde sightseeing, touring and camping; but it is a perfect blend of natural and modern leisure activities. Being a nature paramour, you are completely going to appreciate watching flying birds from a three storey bird watching tower.

Likewise, if you need to find out about the mangroves, then simply head towards the extensive six-hectare mangrove forest. Kids too have a lot of activities to enjoy here like cycling and water sports which don’t let them get bored. There are also numerous eateries, hawker stalls and convenience stores situated at the nearby mall Downtown East. But, you may also order from ordering takeout service such as ‘The Basil Inn’ which supply authentic Thai food, which is perfect to eat by the beach.

If you are staying het at night, then make your way to the Asli Village Food Court the next morning, to enjoy a delicious breakfast (the place opens at 8am daily). The park usually gets crowded on the weekends by the local public, thus we would recommend camping here during the weekdays. However, on weekends, the barbeque aroma and picnicking families complement the tropical energy. Toilets and outdoor showers are available here, however BBQ pits can be available after booking only. Camping at Pasir Ris Park also requires a permit.

Note: Camping is allowed in Area 1 & Area 3 only.

How to get there: Pasir Ris Park is located at Pasir Ris Road off Elias Road. Bus 403 goes there from Pasir Ris Bus Interchange. You can travel to Pasir Ris Bus Interchange by Taxi or MRT to Pasir Ris Beach and then take Bus 403 to reach the Pasir Ris Park.

Address: Pasir Ris Road off Elias Road – Pasir Ris Central, Singapore 510534
Phone: +65 1800 471 7300

5. Changi Beach Park

Situated along the Changi Shoreline, Changi Beach Park is considered as the first born Singaporean park; and it is among the top choices of campers in Singapore. Changi Beach Park has a great deal to offer and it ensures you an exciting camping spree on its beautiful earth. Its palm-fringed, sandy beach, BBQ area, cafes and cycling paths, fishing and picturesque view for photography makes Changi Beach Park perfect for camping.

Major attractions here include World War II Memorial Plaque, Playground, and Sand Play Area. Changi Beach Park is a fun sport for enjoying bike trailing and roller blading; whereas fitness freaks can jog along the tracks. You can also take along your own bicycles to explore every curve and bend of this beautiful place. You can also enjoy open-air dinner with your family by setting up your BBQ pits near your camp. Don’t worry, if you don’t have your own pit; you can easily lease one from the nearby camping gear-shops. The park is also one of the best spots to capture Singapore sunset.

You can travel to Changi Beach Park easily; even if you are not familiar with the place. First, you need to get to Changi Village and then you can easily find the Changi Beach Park, as it is located just adjacent to it. Once you will reach the site, you will to be sure about having an awesome camping experience at Changi Beach Park. As it will offer you so much in terms of camping, guaranteeing a fun-filled camping trip. You can also avail the wheelchair facility for disabled and seniors.

How to get there: You can take the MRT up to the Changi Airport MRT Station and can take Bus 9, 19 and 89 to reach Changi Beach. It is located about 3 minute walk from the Changi Beach Bus Stop.

Address: Nicoll Dr, Singapore 498991
Phone: +65 1800 471 7300

These are some of the camping sites in Singapore frequently visited by the campers. If you want to recommend a camp site or share your camping experience in Singapore, please do so by adding comments below.

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