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Wedding Gift Singapore – Top 5 Wedding Gifts to Buy In Singapore

Weddings seems to be a piecemeal without wedding gift because it reflects the best wishes and nominal gratitude to the newlywed couple. Gift giving is usually a traditional way of showering gratefulness and blessing over the bride & groom. Wedding gift Singapore is also deeply linked to culture, religion, traditions and marital customs thus, they tend to vary from place to place. Wedding gift delivers your feelings and expression of regard, respect, blessing and affection for the cherished couple.

Today home-made, DIY and personalized gifts are found to be more valuable as they tend to deliver feeling with more expressions and reflects your special treatment to your dearest one. Choose the most special and the best wedding gifts in Singapore for the lovely and esteemed couple to wish them luck a happy and contented married life.

Wedding Gift Singapore Guide

Singapore is full of shopping malls and there are plenty of specialty gift shops, store and suppliers that offer wonderful quality and variety of wedding gifts. You may find a great array of wedding gifts ranging from convenient and off the peg items to tailor-made gifts. There are numerous small and medium scale suppliers that customized wedding gifts and favors, according to your choice and preferences.

In Singapore, there are several gift items that are traditionally presented to the bride and groom at their wedding or reception. Here listed are the best five gift items that you may buy from Singapore to greet your cherished couple on their big wedding day.

1. Red Wine & Cymbidium Orchids

A beautiful container gracefully holding a bottle of Red Wine and Cymbidium Orchids among the fresh coconut leaves looks awe-inspiring as a wedding gift Singapore. It always turns out to be a perfect wedding gift in cascading the blessing to the cherished couple. Cymbidium Orchids are widely available in Singapore at the local florists. Wrapped in colorful ribbons and buntings, the beautiful gift baskets containing red wine and orchids are the perfect gift for a  wedding and it can also be personalized with the special notes citing greeting and wishes for the couple.

Singapore is full of Orchids as it is the national flower, so you may easily find it at the local Singapore flower shops and for the red wine you can head to any hypermarket or department store in Singapore.

2. Best Wishes Gifts

Customized best wish gifts are always worthy. It is a conventional manner of showering the blessing over the couple. Traditional best wishes gift in Singapore includes fresh flowers, fruits basket, chocolates, red wine, etc. you may decorate your gift with colorful ribbons and tickertapes to make it look more fancy and lacy. In addition to it, a greeting card can also enhance the beauty; to which you can write your wishes and prayers for the bride and groom. Feel free to customize the basket according to your budget and preferences of the recipient.

3. Fruits Basket with Cookies & Chocolates

You can also prepare a basket full of fresh fruits, chocolates, cookies and greeting cards. This makes a great option to greet the couple with the prayers and best wishes for their wedding and future life. While adding the cookies, chocolate and fruits in the basket, you must keep the choices of both the bride and groom in the mind. Prefer buying fresh fruits and not the preserved one and plenty of the recipient’s die hard favorite chocolates to organize a personalized basket for the beloved twosome. Use laces and streamers to make it look ornamental and showy.

4. Pair of Watches – For Him & Her

Watches always make a perfect present for every occasion. However, for the wedding gift Singapore, pair watches could make a great option. You may choose a watch set for ‘her’ and for ‘him’ from anywhere ranging from a brand like Rolex, Gucci and Michael Kors to Tissot. This could look great for a new couple as this will reflect the prayers and wished of having a good time and happily married life.

Pair watches look adorable, trendy and elegant simultaneously. They can be presented as a symbol of love and joy. Don’t hesitate to customize the box and greeting cards, according to the occasion.

5. Chocolates & Teddy Bear

Who doesn’t love chocolates and who dislike the tender and cozy touch of a teddy bear? Besides, chocolates and Teddy bears are the emblem to love; thus they can be a great gift for a couple that is tying an eternal knot of love with each other. A combination of some world’s most delicious and delectable chocolates with a tender teddy could be an adorable customized gift to the couple. Royce Chocolate is a good option to buy fresh chocolates in Singapore.

You can buy a cute teddy bear and a box of chocolates to be lacily wrapped and upholding some personalized wedding wishes. Such gift are specifically preferred by the brides. Moreover, don’t forget to choose the chocolates as per the taste and preference of the receipt.

These are some of the best gift ideas and options for the wedding day Singapore. If you want to recommend a gift item, please do so by adding comments below.

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