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Watch the ‘Wonder Full’ Marina Bay Laser Show in Singapore

Have you ever seen the factual illustration of the word ‘Wonder Full’? If not, then you must experience the amazing wonder of South East Asia’s largest water and light show in Marina Bay, Singapore. ‘Wonder Full’ is a fascinating convergence of light, sound and music, where the universal tale of the journey of life is masterfully told through the combination of various sound and light effects.

Marina Bay Laser Show

Wonder Full tells a beautiful and unique story about the conception of life which portrays a stunning blend of fire, water, lights and other creative media elements. It features music produced in Singapore with heavy local influences, motion pictures, an original sound score and plenty of technologies covering the area of 38 acres (15.4 hectare) at Marina Bay Sands Waterfront site.

Wonder Full is a 15 minute Sands Light and Water Show at Marina Bay Waterfront in Singapore, which offers you to immerse in a mesmerizing 3600 sight of visual effects along with the magnificent city lights of Singapore in the background. This great Marina Bay Laser Show discovers the beauty of the human experiences and humanity through original footages of Singaporean people that will take you to a heartfelt and emotional journey. The most amazing aspect associated to Marina Bay Sands Light and Water Show is that it is absolutely free and you can enjoy it every day.

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Marina Bay Sands Light Show

Marina Bay Sands Light Show is a 15-minute show, during which the laser lights illuminated the sky from a ship kind of a rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands. One must adored the sight how water mirrored the beautiful lights from the top of Marina Bay Sands shopping centre in the frontal area. These dancing and moving lights are joined by music that could be heard around the entire show territory. If you are around the proximity of Marina Bay, then you are certainly recommended to treat your eyes with this beautiful spectacle as it is truly worth watching.

Marina Bay Sands Water Show

On the other hand, although the Water Show, is not as amazing as the Light Show, but yes, it’s got some great energy when little glares of fire dazed the spectators by surprise. However the usual dancing water and the video display on the water is now not new to people. But definitely those who are watching any such thing for the first time, then it is absolutely a visual delight for them. Moreover, the marvelous city horizon as the backdrop setting is truly fascinating.

Show Timings & Location

The Marina Bay Laser show timings are 8:00pm, 9:30pm from Sunday to Thursday and 8:00pm, 9:30pm, 11:00pm on Friday & Saturday. Regardless of its everyday appearance, there is a little catch that you ought to know – although the shows begin exactly at the designated time, you can’t watch both i.e. Light Show and Water Show at the same time.

You must be at the Marina Bay Sands side to watch the Water Show, and you must be over the bay side to watch the Light Show. You can relish one at 8pm and after that, you may walk around to the opposite side to get the other one at 9.30pm.

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Photo Credit: Mikhail Koninin

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