Travel from Singapore to Ipoh through the Most Feasible Option

Ipoh is the fourth largest city of peninsular Malaysia and a gateway to the Cameron Highlands. During the time of the British, tin mining was at its peak. This led to Ipoh to become one of Malaysia’s main cities. The British left their colonial effects onto the concreteness of Ipoh which can be seen reflecting in the old buildings. The town hall and railway station are examples of the colonial importance.

Presently, Ipoh is best known for its food and dining, shop houses and street vendors. This makes Ipoh one of the major spots for tourism in the country.

Travel Guide from Singapore to Ipoh

The adventure seekers would prefer taking the bus to Ipoh from Singapore. The ride comes with a low cost and a joy of its own. However, there are other options available for travel which should definitely be put under consideration while planning your trip to Ipoh from Singapore.

Traveling via Air

By Plane: Ipoh’s airport Sultan Azlan Shah didn’t offer many flight options from Singapore to Ipoh before, but starting July 12th,  Firefly has started providing services to and from this airport to Changi Airport Singapore with 3 flights per day. The duration of the flight is 1 hour 25 minutes. Alternatively, you can travel from Singapore to Johor Bahru Airport and catch a direct flight to Ipoh from there.

Traveling via Railway

By Train: There is no direct railway route from Singapore to Ipoh however, trains are involved rather indirectly. Passengers travelling from Singapore to Ipoh can firstly get the shuttle train over the causeway to the HB Sentral Station at Johor Bahru. A shuttle train is the best option as there are less people who’re aiming to cross the border and immigration of both places takes place at the Woodlands Singapore only.

Upon arriving at Johor Bahru, you can take another Shuttle Train to Gemas. Onwards Gemas, you can take the ETS (electric trains) towards North to Ipoh. Many trains travel to Ipoh every day from Gemas with the travel time of 4.5 hours.

Fares are quite reasonably distributed. S$5 for the Shuttle Train that takes you from Singapore to Johor Bahru. The ETS at Gemas for Ipoh costs MYR59 for adults and MYR 34 for children. It is advised to book ETS and all shuttle trains in advance as they are often packed with commuters.

Traveling by Road

By Bus: The total travel distance between Singapore and Ipoh is over 600 km by road. Duration of the journey is between 7-8 hours. There are various reliable bus companies in Singapore like Konsortium and Sri Maju that offer safe travels to the tourists going for various destinations in Malaysia.

The most common passenger pick up points for buses in Singapore are the City Plaza, Golden Mile Tower and Golden Mile Complex. The usual timings of bus booking starts around 6 am in the morning and goes on until 3 am the next. Bus fare varies from station to station. A fully equipped and comfortable journey from Singapore to Ipoh would cost around 36SGD (Singapore Dollars) for adults and children. However, if you’re travelling through the Sri Maju group, the cost would increase with almost 10SGD, costing about 45SGD for adults and children.

By Car: The journey from Singapore to Ipoh by car has many tolls and involves a route that crosses the country border. The total travel time is about 5 to 6 hours depending on the traffic.

The travellers first need to get on the CTE from the North Bridge Road and South Bridge Road which is covered in 6 minutes. Next, take the route from Lebuhraya to Jalan Raja/ route 1 in Taman Pulai, Malaysia. The next exit can be taken to 137 Simpang Pulai from Lebuhraya. Finally, follow Jalan Raja route 1 from your car which would directly take you to Taman Jubilee in Ipoh.

By Taxi: The only way in which taxi is involved while going from Singapore to Ipoh is when passengers start their journey from Singapore’s City Hall train station. The train arrives every 5 minutes. Take the train from City Hall to Sembawang; travel duration of 40 minutes (with 12 stops in between) and cost under S$4.

Passengers can then get a SMRT taxi from Sembawang for Johor Bahru Airport (JBH). Travel duration is 30 minutes and the cost ranges between S$26 – S$32. Catch a direct flight from Johor Bahru to Ipoh. Travel duration is almost 1.5 hours. Cost ranges between S$19 – S$130 (one way). Upon arrival at Ipoh, passengers can get a Taxi under M$27 which will take them to the main city in 5 minutes


By Ferry:  There are no direct ferries that travels between Singapore and Ipoh, however, passengers can first travel to Malacca by ferry and then take a taxi or hired car further to Ipoh. All ferries arrive and depart from the Harbour Master’s Jetty to Taman Melaka Raya near the Melaka Maritime Museum.

To reach the jetty, tourists take the local bus 17 that goes near the Harbour’s Jetty. The Tunas Rupat Express offers two ferries daily. These ferries depart from Malacca to Dumai at 9 am and 3 pm.

Best Time to Visit Ipoh

Just like other cities in Malaysia, the picturesque city of Ipoh too, experiences significant climatic changes. According to some, the best time to travel to Ipoh is when the temperatures are comfortable for an average person. In other words, between 20 – 30 degrees. Fortunately, this temperature stays on a neutral scale almost throughout the year, making it easy for tourists to plan a visit and carry out other activities while in the city!

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