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Top 5 Wedding Car Rental Singapore Service Providers

Your wedding car for your big day is not only a way to be ferried to and from the wedding venue; instead it is a lifetime opportunity to mark a supremely impressive style statement. Pick the right vehicle and it might harvest the similar attention consideration that your incredibly stylistic wedding décor and show-stopping wedding outfit will get. Whichever type of ride you pick – classy, royal, sporty, vintage or eccentric – remember that it’s another, possibly fantastic prosper that can supplement your service’s topic. And, we will explore for you the best wedding car rental Singapore providers here.

Wedding Car Rental Singapore

To help you get the opportunity to put forth a paramount expression and reaching the wedding venue in style, we’ve gathered together the most ornamental, sophisticated yet affordable wedding auto rentals in Singapore, where you will find everything from vintage Beetles to Volkswagen and Limousine to Sporty convertibles.

1. Stylish Wedding? Try ‘Wedding Cars’

Wedding Cars is one of the Singapore’s exceptionally prescribed and highly trusted car rental service provider. Since its market introduction in 2008, it has turned out to be the ultimate choice of wedding couple when it comes to dream wedding and for the ideal wedding car. The best thing that we adore about them is that they offer incredible service arrangements and great deals on cars that they are offering for rental or leasing – so if in case you are looking for something classy yet within your budget, then ‘Wedding Cars’ could be the perfect choice.

They likewise offer eccentric plates and a lot of unique decorations and enhancements for your wedding car depending on your choice. Choose ‘Wedding Cars’ to find some of the best BMW and Mercedes for making your dream wedding more stylish.

Address: Midview City #06-51, 20 Sin Ming Lane, Singapore 573968
Phone: +65 6735 2735
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2. Sophistication & Luxury? Go for ‘Ace Rides’

In case you are looking for some extravagance, luxury, style and sophistication at the same time, then ‘Ace Drive’ is the ideal place for you to lease your wedding car. The ever-smiling and courteous team of ‘Ace Drive’ is always please to assist you in finding the ideal ride for your big day from their wide assortment of the most desired fantasized, classic, luxurious and exotic cars.

‘Ace Drive’ is one of the best wedding car rental Singapore provider. They don’t just give the car rental to its exclusive to-be-wed customers, but additionally offers its corporate clients to likewise rent the cars at a very reasonable rate. The auto-fleet of ‘Ace Drive’ is enormous and contains two types of rental cars i.e. ‘Continental Cars’ which include Audi, Mercedes Benz and BMW; and ‘Cheap Japanese Fleet’ which include Ford and Toyota. ‘Ace Drive’ offer exceptionally competitive rates with 24/7 service. The company also offered exclusive Limousine Service with/without chauffeur for airport pickup, corporate uses and weddings.

Address: 50 Ubi Ave 3, #01-01/02, Frontier Building, Singapore 408866
Phone: +65 9171 1611 │+65 6585 5555
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3. Want a Retro Feel? Hit ‘ Volks Wedding’

If you are looking forward for charming and lovely retro ride, then we would recommend you to consider ‘Volkswagen Wedding’ Singapore, as they offer a wide cluster of vintage and classic cars autos that will without a doubt be ideal for your big day. ‘Volkswagen Wedding’ offers one of the best selection of classic antique cars that can make your day even bigger and classier. In addition to it, as a subsidiary of one of the world’s leading automobile brands, The Volkswagen Group, ensure high quality services that are certainly certified. So, are you ready to ride Singapore’s oldest Volkswagen Beetle on your big day?

Phone: +65 9239 9632
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4. Need a Car on A Budget? ‘Wedding Carriages’ is Perfect

Wedding Carriages offer its highly valuable customer the ‘Ride of a lifetime’, by offering some most valuable car experiences in the world. ‘Wedding Carriage’ is a perfect choice for couples who are planning a budgetary wedding; obviously for their reasonable costs and extraordinary discounts. Everybody dreams the best for their wedding and they truly deserve the best – the best at the best price. And to get your dreams come true at the most reasonable price, no one can be better than ‘Wedding Carriage’. Choose your favorite dream ride at the most amazing discounts at ‘Wedding Carriage’.

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Address: 8 Burn Road #15-13 Trivex Singapore 369977
Phone: +65 9844 0793
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5. Get a Royal Vibe with ‘ Lion City Limo’

We considered Royal Rides in light of the fact that other than the standard fleet of extravagant and luxury cars, it additionally offers the ultra-rich Chrysler 300 Super Stretch Limousine. This luxurious vehicle is outfitted with an interior mood lighting, LCD TV, classy leather couch, and mini bar. If you are searching for a definitive ostentatious wedding ride experience, this is unquestionably your ultimate choice. Searching for some unusual and surprising cars with attention-grabbing designs? On the other hand, do you incline toward a more a simpler yet refined vehicle? Whatever feeling it is that you’re going for, ‘Lion City Limo’ has the ideal car collection for you.

Address: 14 Jalan Hikayat, Singapore 769858
Phone: +65 6754 2990
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These are some of the best wedding car rental Singapore service providers, you should consider for your big day. To recommend a similar service, please add comments below.

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