Top 5 Things to Buy From Singapore Changi Airport

Whenever you come back from an excursion abroad and especially from a destination like Singapore, you are obliged to offer something to your loved ones. Singapore souvenirs & gifts are not just a piece of conventional travelling, because being an assemblage of cultures and nationalities, you may find it difficult to discover things that are truly Singaporean. However, it doesn’t require too much of the struggle to bring back endowments from Singapore that will amuse your beloved recipients. So, before leaving the Singapore Airport, there are few Singaporean gifts you should buy.

Singapore Airport Must-Buys

Regardless of the fact that how often you have been to Singapore; there are a few things you absolutely can’t stop yourself to purchase for yourself and for your friends and family. To be fair, your visit to Singapore is lacking if you don’t shop from the exceptional Singaporean markets. No matter if you have shopped a lot or if you haven’t got a time to buy anything due to your busy business routine or a short stopover; there are still some best knick-knacks that you can buy even from the Singapore Airport as your last ditch to avoid the annoyance of your loved ones.

At a destination which has a great amount to offer, there are a couple of things you must have in your sacks while retreating home. Therefore, to help you out with your very last minute shopping, here listed are the top five things that you can buy from the Singapore Airport.

1. Kaya

Kaya Toast is widely known as the national breakfast of Singapore. In Singapore, toasted bread slices filled with butter and Kaya are the most preferred morning meals as it offers great nutrition values along with great taste. Kaya is fundamentally a jam prepared using panda leaves, coconut milk and sugar. This lip-smacking jam could be a great choice to fill up your sack as this can be efficiently utilized in cakes, sweets and as toppings in a number of desserts.

Grab a dozen of the finest quality of Ya Kun Kaya Toast containers from the souvenir shops located at the Changi Airport. This could be your cheapest, but the yummiest souvenirs for your friend and family.

2. RISIS Orchid

If you have someone really special i.e. your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister or daughter, who would be waiting for you anxiously; then RISIS Orchid could be your ultimate last minute selection at the Singapore Airport to value their precious waiting jiffies. RISIS offers an extensive array of ornaments and curios that are made plating real orchid with 24k gold. These celestial gold blossoms pieces crafted as the superlative jewels like pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earring etc. are simply perfect to please your loved ones.

You can also choose some from their corporate collection, which include orchid embellished pens, card holders, key chains and photo frames, etc. that are perfect to give away to your valuable corporate clients and special colleagues. Collect your favorite piece from the exquisite RISIS Store located at the Changi Airport. Average prices start from S$ 60.

3. Singaporean Sling

The Singapore Sling is absolutely another great option as a last gasp while leaving Singapore. Originally originated by a bartender named Ngiam Tong Boon at the Long Bar of Raffles Hotel in 1930’s, the Singapore Sling is now famous across the globe. The delectably flavored cocktail is the perfect fusion of gin, orange juice, brandy and pineapple and lime juice. Nonetheless, there are a lot more zests and blends into the market now that are equally enchanting.

The preserved carrier variants of Singapore Sling are among the most sought quick picks from the Changi Airport – Singapore. Grab your pick of Singaporean Sling from the Raffles Hotel’s Long Bar, Raffles Hotel’s Souvenir Shops, Beverage Points or from a nearby supermarket. And if it you have already entered the airport premises then rush to the Changi Airport Souvenir Shops to avoid lamenting for it. Average price ranges between S$30 to S$80.

4. Miniature Merlion Souvenirs

Merlion mascot, is an idiosyncratic faux creature that is designed with a body of a fish and a lion’s head, is the popular national symbol of Singapore. Head of the lion signifies the forename of Singapore i.e. Singapura, deciphered as ‘a lion city’, whereas the fish frame tipoff about the establishment of Singapore as a fishing town. Souvenir and gift items of miniature Merlion are easily accessible at all the gift shops in Singapore, and therefore you can pick a bunch of miniature Merlion statuettes and its related accessories from the Changi Airport Souvenir Shops. Average price ranges between S$2 to S$20.

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5. Tiger Balm Ointment

Despite of being widely known and easily accessible across the world; Tiger Balm is the most sought after collectable choice among tourists and visitors. Tiger Balm is globally well-known for its pain soothing features and people amazingly love to grab a dozen of jars for themselves and for their friends and relatives while heading back to their hometowns. Although it is highly available, yet acquiring a few from the country of origin will surely offer you an affirmation of the originality.

Additionally, considering buying a pain soothing balm as a knack should definitely be ascribed as the brand’s achievement in promoting its items as souvenirs. So don’t hesitate sand grab a few of Tiger Balm’s jar from the airport souvenir shop to offer to your loved ones.

These are some of the recommended must-buys from the Singapore Airport. For more information, you can check out the top 10 Made in Singapore gifts for the overseas friends.

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