Places to Relax in Singapore

Top 5 Places in Singapore to Relax, Chill & Unwind

Singapore is one of the most bustled tourism destinations with full of activity and where life never slows down. Undoubtedly, the tourists from all over the world comes to Singapore to cherish its gold and glitters, its natural beauty, the sky high buildings, modern infrastructure, amazingly beautiful parks and ultra-modern shopping malls, etc. There is a lot to see and do in Singapore, however, we all sometimes feel tired, want to get slowdown and need a small escape from the city buzz to unwind, meditate, heal and soothe our minds and souls.

Places to Relax in Singapore

Singapore offers a wide range of parks & gardens which makes you feel great being closer to the nature; but there is still much more in Singapore for you to feel relax other than parks & gardens. Below mentioned are the some of our favorite places to relax in Singapore.

1. Bedok Jetty – East Coast Park

East Coast Park is amongst the most beautiful and peaceful places in Singapore. East Coast Park is a beach park, which is situated on the southeastern shoreline of Singapore and its continuation to in Area F, is located the Bedok Jetty – which is the longest fishing jetty in Singapore and is also the most popular fishing spot among the locals. Additionally, the place is the favorite spot for cyclists, roller-bladders, joggers or park visitors. Bedok Jetty is also one of the most famous spots to relish the Singapore sunset. Calm water, fresh breeze and the setting sun will be your best friends here while you unwind and relax at this beautiful place in Singapore.

Address: East Coast Park Service Road, Singapore 449876.

2. Pulau Ubin

Do you want to go back to the good old days? Then step into a bumboat to reach the Pulau Ubin Island. Gravel roads, abundant wildlife and lush forests– Pulau Ubin is a living glass case of how Singapore looks like in 1960’s. Pulau Ubin is a heartily beautiful island located on the northeast part of the Singapore Island. So, if you want a flavor of nature and pastoral village life, away from the hurly-burly Singapore. It’s a 10-minute bumboat ride from Changi Point Ferry Terminal at Changi Village, which will make you land you on the shores of Pulau Ubin. Pulau Ubin, one of the two last traditional towns (Kampongs) in Singapore.

A significant part of the typical Singaporean stimulation such as food and shopping is totally missing on Pulau Ubin and thus you are suggested to take along some snacks with you if you are planning to stay for longer. For relaxation and me time, do visit Pulau Ubin as it is one of the top places to relax in Singapore.

Address: North east of Singapore – to the west of Pulau Tekong.

3. The Book Café

If you are a book lover, you must cherish the value of reading a book in complete silence and loneliness. Singaporeans are also fond of reading and you will find people reading books almost everywhere. The Book Café is a dedicated place which nestles and nurture book souls. The cozy and comfortable settings will offer you choose a corner for you in a relaxing environment and read something that pacifies you while slowly sipping your coffee. The Book Café also have a great hi-tech computer network, which offers you to connect with your friends and families or work. You can also order some lights meals and snacks here and the best part is that all the amenities are offered at quite reasonable rates.

Address: 20 Martin Rd, #01-02 Seng Kee Building, Singapore 239070.

4. Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

Lower Seletar Reservoir is the ultimate choice of photographer from all over the world to capture the beautiful view of Singapore sunrise. Along the bank of this beautiful reservoir, the waters are still and the atmosphere is serene and quiet; especially in the morning.  If you are a morning person, then you may start a beautiful relaxing day alongside the banks of the reservoir with the rising-sun as your backdrop. You may find numerous relaxing spots along the banks of the reservoir and you may also walk along.

Address: Yishun Ave 1, Lower Seletar Reservoir Park, Singapore 769139.

5. Singapore Botanic Gardens

With some of the most spectacular tropical flora set in stunning green and luxuriant landscape, Singapore Botanic Gardens offer one the most refreshing and soothing atmosphere from escaping the rushing city life and among the recommended places to relax in Singapore. The place is exceedingly serene and peaceful and provides you numerous spots to sit ruminate for longer without any disturbance and noise. Singapore Botanic Gardens are also perfect for a morning walk and to relish a romantic sunset-watching walk with your partner. Choose this place to soothe your mind when you don’t want to travel long across the city to find a suitable relaxing spot. Singapore Botanic Gardens place also offers a number of recreational activities for children and families as well.

Address: 1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569.

These are some of the recommended places to relax in Singapore. If you want to suggest a relaxing place in Singapore, Please add comments  below.

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