unusual things to do in singapore

Top 5 Most Unusual Things to Do In Singapore

If you have been to Singapore more than once, and planning to go offbeat this time from Singapore’s mainstream activities and attractions. Being a small yet highly urbanized city state, people have a common image of how Singapore looks like and what it should be that seemingly everyday things elsewhere are considered highly unfamiliar here. However, apart from this, the city state is not as sterile and probable as people mostly think – and you might get flung off by the quirkier side of the city-state, and we will explore most unusual things to do in Singapore for thrill seekers.

Unusual Things to do in Singapore

To experience the fact that everything in Singapore is exactly not what it seems like, check out our list of 5 most unusual things that you can do the next time you visit Singapore.

1. Visit Haw Par Villa

Among the most bizarre and canny attractions in Singapore, Haw Par Villa outstands for Ten Courts of Hell, where different types of punishments that one can hope to get in hell for submitting sins in this world are intensely demonstrated. Mind you, these are not ant normal kinds of punishments that one could imagine; in fact, you will find here the illustrations of bodily dismemberment to being tossed into a valley of knives, as the dioramas here make for some really abhorrent scenes.

Haw Par Villa is an entirely spine-chilling spot to visit and it absolutely does not help that talk wins of it expressing that some of the sculptures are produced made up from real humans that are secured with wax. So, do keep this wonder place in your list of unusual things to do in Singapore.

How to Get There: Getting here is breezy; all thanks to Singapore’s new Circle Line. Your best bet is to take the train to the Haw Par station.

2. Experience Kayaking Through A Mangrove Forest In Singapore Mainland

Trust it or not, in Singapore it is very much possible to relish a genuine jungle experience while never straying far from the Singapore’s mainland. Indeed, even local people and long-term occupants will find this amazing, however a section of Singapore’s northern tip is still secured by mangrove woodlands. The foliage and shrubbery can be best observed by kayaking that travel through two rivers i.e. Sungei Mandai Kechil and the Sungei Mandai Besar emanating a semi-Amazon rainforest impression. There is additionally a touch of wildlife in these parts where can be find intermittent sea eagle and horseshoe crabs and the ocean falcons.

How to Get There: Trips to Mangrove Forest are organized by the Nature Society of Singapore and is frequently open to the general public and tourists. For more details and schedules, click here.

3. Camp in A Deserted Island

There is a whole other world to the distant islands than just Sentosa in Singapore. For first timers, St. John’s and Kusu islands that are further away from home and are open by ferry rides. You can discover sanctuaries, shorelines all to yourself, excursion spots and places loaded with myths and folktales. It is conceivable to stay in such deserted islands overnight, looking at the stars and at the Singapore horizon out there. For adventure seekers, camping in one of the deserted island of Singapore is certainly among the most unusual things to do in Singapore.

How to Get There: You can take the ferry from Marina South Pier. Ferries depart every 2 hours between 9am to 5pm and head first to St. John’s and then to Kusu Island.

4. Do Fishing, Diving & Snorkeling On the Ghost Island – Pulau Hantu

‘Hantu is basically a Malay word which translates for ghost and Pulau Hantu is thus pertinently named as ‘Island of Ghosts’. The island has a mythical rumored that it was here that ancient Malay warriors once sparred to the death and their ghosts still wander the isle. However, the island is a peaceful and an idyllic getaway with swaying palms, white sands and rich reefs and you may also find here a small patch of mangroves.

Pulau Hantu is very famous among fishing, snorkeling and diving enthusiasts due to its sheltered beaches, swimming lagoons and tempting waters. It is also popular with day-trippers bad campers who want a unique outdoor experience away from the hustle and bustle.

How to Get There: There are no regular ferries to Pulau Hantu, thus you have to charter a fast work boat from West Coast Pier to reach there.

5. Visit Old Changi Hospital If You Dare Enough

Built as a British military hospital in 1935, Old Changi Hospital was employed by Japanese powers during World War II. Later, the hospital, was authoritatively shut in 1997, as the patients were shifted to the new Changi General Hospital. It is rumored in the city-state that shadows can purportedly be seen and screams can be heard at some wards, which were reputed to be utilized as torture chambers and dungeons by the Japanese. Right now the structures stay deserted and discharge. The zone is shut off for the general population, however visits can be organized by means of Singapore Tourism Board.

How to Get There: 848 Sims Ave, Singapore 400848

These are some of the most unusual things to do in Singapore anytime. If you want to recommend an activity, please do so by adding comments below.

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