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Top 10 Souvenirs & Gifts You Can’t Leave Singapore Without

Shopping is a travelling tradition; especially when you are at a place like Singapore. Drifting back to our hometowns; apart from memories, we all want to take along the best belongings of our journey and the finest gifts & Singapore souvenirs with us for our nearest and dearests. However, it could be confusing for you if you are choosing from the gargantuan shopping oodles of Singapore that offer you an enormous range of Singaporean and Chinese gifts and souvenir options.

Singaporean gifts and souvenirs are famous across the globe and are the obvious component of traditional travelling. The shopping nirvana of Singapore is a great place to find the best gift or souvenir for your every relationship with a wide variety of prices too.

Singapore Souvenirs & Gifts Guide

Every shopping destination has some top picks; so does Singapore has. Apart from being the top choice of tourists for its heavenly admired natural attraction, Singapore is the shopping hub of Asia too. Singaporean souvenirs and gifts are immensely inspired by their culture and traditions. Undoubtedly, this place offers you one of the widest varieties of gift options; that sometimes confuse in making the right thing particularly in finding things that typically epitomize Singapore. However, it is to be worried about, because no matter what you brought from Singapore, it will surely delight your beloved recipients.

Being continent’s 2nd largest shopping nirvana after Dubai; Singapore features almost all the leading brands and labels from all over the world, that are widely available in its exquisite shopping malls. But there are some distinctive gifts and souvenirs of Singapore that embodies the culture, tradition and beauty of this place.

For your ultimate convenience, here mentioned are the most famous and highly appreciated souvenirs and gifts that visitors usually prefer to buy from Singapore.

1. Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling is surely assumed as the national beverage of Singapore, originated by Ngiam Tong Boon – a barkeep at the Raffles Hotel’s Long Bar in the 1930s and has ended up prevalent globally. Initially, this Singapore Sling basically included cherry brandy, gin, orange juice, pineapple squeeze and lime juice; however, now there are various recipes for you to surf with this supremely celebrated cocktail from Singapore. Its packaged variants are positively an extraordinary present for your friends and family.

You can get a good buy of Singaporean Sling from Raffles Hotel’s Long Bar, Changi Airport Souvenir Shops, Raffles Hotel’s Souvenir Shops, Beverage Points and Supermarket. Average price ranges between S$30 to S$80.

2. Bakkwa

Among prominent Singapore relics, Bakkwa is an eatable treat that you can purchase for your relatives and companions. Bakkwa is usually prepared using beef or ham thoroughly marinated in soy sauce, sugar and other specific seasonings and flame broiled over charcoal. This grilled, barbecued and sliced beef recipe is one of the most loved nibble of local people and it has turned into a customary souvenir that Singaporeans offers to other folks and companions on Chinese New Year celebration.

You can buy the best quality of Bakkwa from Bee Cheng Hiang, Kim Hock Guan, Lim Chee Guan, Kim Joo Guan and Fragrance Food Stuff. Average price ranges between S$45 to S$70/ kilogram.

3. RISIS Gold Plated Orchid

If you are searching for something that is premium and novel for somebody beloved and special, simply think about a plated orchid. An Orchid is one of the most beautiful blooms on the planet and it is also Singapore’s national flower too. Gold plated orchid gift items from RISIS are real orchids plated in 24K gold. Those brilliant gold blossoms are crafted beautifully to make wonderful jewels like hoops, pendants, brooches, necklaces, bracelets, etc., and in addition formal corporate endowments, for example, pens, key chains, card holders, plaques, and photo frames.

RISIS Orchid can be bought from RISIS Store located at various placed such as Gardens BY the Bay, Tangs Orchids, Changi Airport, National Orchid Garden at Singapore Botanic Gardens etc. The brand also offered an extensive range of other gold plated Singapore souvenir items. Price starts from S$60.

4. Miniature Merlion Mascot

Merlion mascot, is a distinctive man-made creature that is crafted to have a fish body and head of a lion, is the popular national symbol of Singapore. The lion head speaks to Singapore’s original forename, Singapura, which signifies ‘a lion city’ and the fish body uncovers Singapore’s beginning as an angling (fishing) town.

Gifts and souvenir items with miniature Merlion are easily  accessible at all gift shops in Singapore, and therefore you can pick among a bunch of items, for example, key chains, refrigerator magnets, photo frames, snow globes, bottle openers, cigarette boxes, lighters, Merlion statuettes, ashtrays, napkins, sweet and chocolates. The average price is between S$2 to S$20.

5. Clothing with SIA Batik Print

The iconic Singaporean Girl is famous far and wide; and also her dazzling uniform – the Sarong Kebaya that is designed by a Parisian designer Pierre Balmain. Balmain deigned it as the Singapore Airlines uniform that are now widely famous due to its signature ‘Batik Print’. The print has been extensively duplicated onto everything from umbrellas and clothing, to men’s shirts and even imitations of the SIA uniform – in all shapes and sizes. What’s more, the sightseers simply lap it up, something which still bewilders us after such a change of decades.

These Batik Print apparels and clothing are widely famous to be bought from Singapore for your dearests and nearest. It is also one of the best souvenirs from Singapore to buy for your loved ones.

6. Kaya

Kaya toast is widely known as a national breakfast recipe of Singaporeans that is prepared from the toasted bread loaded with kaya and butter. Kaya is basically a jam produced using, coconut milk, eggs, pandan leaves and sugar. This flavorful jam is additionally utilized in sweets, cakes and desserts’ topping. You can purchase Kaya containers at most supermarkets and general stores in Singapore. To get the finest quality head to Ya Kun Kaya Toast. Purchase it from Changi Airport as the best 11th hour souvenir option from Singapore.

7. Singaporean & Chinese Handicrafts

Local handicrafts always make beautiful souvenirs and gifts. Porcelain, pewter, crystal ware, bamboo items, paper kites, umbrellas, beaded slippers and calligraphic souvenirs and gifts are all always loved by the recipients. Singaporean and Chinese handicrafts are one of their own kind and are widely acclaimed across the world. To find the best collection of high quality traditional handicrafts, visit the Asia handicraft Store, Oriental Handicraft, Mei handicraft, Goof Friends Pottery Arts. To find the affordable quality, visit Mustafa Shopping Center, Chinatown and Bugis Street.

8. Artworks & Antiques

There are four foremost museum cum stores in downtown Singapore which offers an excellent range of authentic Singapore souvenirs and gifts, including posters, sarongs, pottery, vases, ceramic, flawlessly handmade gifts, hanging fine arts which reflects contemporary and ancient talent of Singapore that would be certainly happy to get.

To find the best collection, visit the National Museum of Singapore, The Museum Shop, Singapore Art Museum, Red dot Design Museum and are perfect spots to purchase craftsmanship and noteworthy artwork and antique pieces for the friends and family. You can likewise visit Dempsey Hill, where you will discover a considerable shop area that offer great variety of antiques and artworks.

9. Tiger Balm Ointment

In spite of the fact that it is widely available online and physically in more than 100 countries, visitors and tourists still love to grab a few jars for themselves and for their relatives and companions. Tiger Balm is globally well-known as a pain soothing balm and among preferred Singapore souvenirs. Tourists usually prefer buying those as gifts when returning from Singapore. Maybe acquiring it locally gives an affirmation of the nature of the item, or possibly it can be ascribed to the home-developed brand’s achievement in promoting its items as souvenirs, and even local people purchase them as presents for loved ones abroad.

10. Peranakan Gifts

Peranakan accessories are a combination of European, Malaysian and Chinese artistic expressions consolidated to enrich an extensive variety of decorative items including ornaments, plaques, crockery, card holders, mugs and tea sets. They are likewise experts of the beaded shoes called Kasut Manek. These high quality shoes are carefully secured with tiny, faceted glass dabs.

The Peranakan souvenirs and gifts are likewise well known for their brilliant, vibrant colored porcelain and batik sarongs. On the off chance that you need to purchase an extraordinary Singapore gift then this could be one of your decisions. To get the finest quality; head towards the National Orchid Garden and Suntec City mall as they contain a wide array of Peranakan items and accessories that are absolutely delighting for souvenirs & gifts.

These are some of the recommended gifts and Singapore souvenirs you can buy in the city. To recommend a souvenir or gift item, please add comments below.

Photo Credit: William Cho

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