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Top 10 Made in Singapore Gifts for Overseas Friends

When you are going back from a foreign excursion, especially from a destination like Singapore, then you are indebted to offer some Singaporean reminiscence to delight your special friends and your loved ones. Singapore souvenirs and gifts are praised all across the globe for their individuality. However, it is sometime difficult to find gifts that truly represent Singapore, for the fact that Singapore is an assemblage of multiple cultures and nationalities, and thus here you will find heaps of gift items that represent other Asian countries also.

This is why, we have organized this wonderful list of 10 amazing Made in Singapore gift options that will help you choosing the purely Singaporeans, yet the best gift for your overseas as well as for your country friends.

Singapore Gifts for Overseas Friends

Friends are always special no matter they live next to your house or even if they have settled abroad. When it comes to getting a gift for them, it is really a hard work. And especially if they know that you have been visiting Singapore, then they must expect something special that also bring them some little Singaporean delight. We all fairly knew that Singapore is the biggest shopping hub in Asia, and is a true shopping nirvana for the Shopaholics and Fashionistas.

Although there is plenty of gift option that you may follow, but some small and purely traditional knick-knacks of Singapore are absolutely matchless and even they doesn’t require too much efforts to be searched. So here are the top 10 Singapore gifts for overseas friends.

1. RISIS Orchid Accessories

If the first gift that you need to choose if for you BFF, then you may not find anything better than choosing a gift at RISIS Orchid. RISIS is a premium ornament store that offers a wide range of curios, jewelry and gift items that are made up of real Orchids flower coated with 24k gold.

These marvelous pieces of gold plated flowers are designed in the superlative gems like pendants, wristbands, earrings and other accessories are just flawless to delight your friends and family. You can likewise pick some of their corporate collection, which includes Orchid decorated key chains, pens, card holders, chopsticks, sculptures and photo frames, etc. that are impeccable to offer away to your corporate and professional friends. Gather your most loved pieces from the elite RISIS Store. Average product price starts from S$60.

2. Kaya by Ya Kun Kaya

Kaya – also known as coconut jam is the sweet and eggy treat and should be declared as the sweet national treasure of Singapore. Kaya Toast is the most widely known and the most preferred breakfast in Singapore. Singaporean mostly desired for having a toasted bread slice filled with Kaya and butter in their breakfast. Kaya is basically a jam or spread that is prepared from coconut milk, panda leaves and sugar and it offers great nutritional value with delicious flavor.

This delectable jam is one of the most sought after gift item that most of the tourists choose to take along to their overseas friends. Kaya is been widely used in sweets, cakes and in dessert toppings. Ya Kun Kaya Toast is the most famous brand in Singapore which offers the finest taste. You can grab dozens of Kaya jars from Ya Kun Kaya Toast shops located at several places including Changi Airport.

Kaya could be the cheapest yet the most scrumptious gift that will surely deliver your friends the ultimate delights of Singapore with every single bit of it. So do buy Kaya jam as it is one of the best Singapore gifts for overseas friends.

3. Straits Preserves’ Sling Marmalades

One new and amazing treat in the market is ‘Straits Preserves Jam’. Prepared from all the local Singaporean ingredients, this small collection of brand has recently collected numerous awards also for promulgating the local taste. It has also been recently awarded at the World’s Original Marmalade Awards.

The most liked flavors of the brand include ‘Singapore Sling’ that include some hint of cherries, Ginger Garden, Tropical Calamansi and Spice Island. You may find a complete collection of Straits Preserves Jams at various stockiest in Singapore. Few of them include The Conservatory Shop situated in Gardens by the Bay; and Gardens Shops located at Singapore Botanic Gardens – Garden & Museums.

Additionally, you may find them at the Singapore Visitor Centre, Isetan Scotts, Melissa Zakka, Naiise, Tangs at Tangs Plaza and The Providore. Online options include Excluniqueeee, Naiise, Singapore Airlines Kris Shop and The Farm Store. You may also find them at the Changi Airport souvenir shop.

4. Eastern Granola’s Granola

Granola is one of the most widely preferred breakfast options and you can find some great combinations here at Singapore’s very famous Eastern Granola. Eastern Granola offers a wide range of flavors and combinations that are simply lip-smacking. Prepared from high quality local ingredients, these granolas make a supremely nutritious treat for your overseas friends.

Their Goji Berry 7 Cream Granola, Mandarin Orange & Dark Choc Granola, Matchazuki Granola, Milo Granola, Open Sesame Granola, Royal Sultana Biryani Granola are ultimate hits. But we highly recommend Milo Granola which is a perfect blend of rolled oats, chocolate chips, Milo powder, butter, Gula Melaka and salt. Order your favorite flavor from Eastern Granola now. Price starts from $ 16 for 500 grams.

5. Watches From Daybook

Watches always make one of the finest and the most adequate present for every relationship, whether personal or professional. Daybook Watches are among the most famous watch brand in Singapore. Daybook offers a great range of simple yet elegant watches that comes in eye-catching colors and design and with genuine Italian leather straps. When you are having a difficulty in choosing something exquisite and stylish, then Daybook can definitely be your option. Order your favorite design online here.

6. Choo Yilin’s Jewelry

Choo Yilin’s jewelry is one of its own kind which is full of vibrant colored gemstones and Type-A jadeite woven with intricate metal work creating a unique celestial ornamental pieces reflecting the true Asian heritage. You may find a wide range of earrings, bangles, rings, necklaces assembled in numerous featured collections such as The Sophisticate, The Romantic, The Classic and The Glamorous etc. Each collection featured distinctive motif design and artwork. Pick a few exclusive jewels and marvels for your dearest female overseas friends and family.

7. Peranakan Gifts

Peranakan accessories are a combination of Malaysian, Chinese and European artistic expressions fused to develop an extensive variety of embellished items including plaques, ornaments and crockery etc. These high quality Peranakan accessories are carefully make perfect gifts for most of the tourists. The Peranakan gifts and souvenirs are famous for their artwork and brilliant vibrant colored porcelain designs. On the off chance that you need to purchase an extraordinary Singapore gift then this could be one of your decisions.

To get the finest quality; head towards the National Orchid Garden and Suntec City mall as they contain a wide array of Peranakan items and accessories that are absolutely delighted for souvenirs & gifts. So, get some of the Peranakan items as it is one of the recommended Singapore gifts for overseas friends.

8. BoJio T-Shirts

T-shirt with logos like ‘Bo Jio’ and ‘Professional Kan Cheong Spider’ are perfect for instating your friend into a wonderful and weird word of Singlish (Colloquial Singaporean English). Bo Jio is one of the most commonly used expressions that Singaporean used to express the jest resentment when they are left out of a special deal or an outing plan; for instance, you went to watch a movie today? Bo Jio!

This shows their offense in a light and funny way. These Bo Jio T-shirts are humorous, witty as well as trendy. You may find a wide range and quality of these easily available from local clothing store to designer statement outlets. Bo Jio T-shirt is a true insignia to resonate among Singaporean.

9. Singaporean Sling

Singaporean Sling is another great gift option to choose for your overseas friend and is among the most sought after quick picks from Singapore. Sling is a luscious cocktail which is a perfect fusion of orange juice, lime juice, pineapple juice, brandy and gin. Although it was first originated in1930s by a bartender of Raffles Hotel named Ngiam Tong Boon Long; but now there is a wide range of blends and flavors now available in the local market.

You may buy Singaporean Sling in some most delectable flavors. Singaporean is now widely available in its preserved variant that can easily carried along. You may grab your favorite sling pick from Raffles Hotel’s Souvenir Shops, Raffles Hotel’s Long Bar, from a nearby supermarket or beverage points and even from Changi Airport Souvenir Shops.

10. Miniature Merlion Souvenir

Merlion mascot, is an eccentric faux creature that is designed with a lion’s head and a body of a fish. Merlion mascot is the most famous national image of Singapore. In Singapore you can find a number of gift items and souvenirs that embodies the Merlion mascot for instance, key chains, little statutes, sculptures, pens, etc. Average price range for these items between S$2 to S$20. You may find these Merlion mascot gift items in almost every local gift shop and also at the Changi Airport Souvenir Shops.

These are our most preferred Made in Singapore gifts for overseas friends. If you want recommend a gift item, please do so by adding comments below.

Photo Credit: Eastern Granola.

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