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Teachers Day Gift Ideas Singapore – Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Teachers’ day is approaching soon and the day is quite a highlight for the teacher as well as for the children. So here are some quick and pocket-friendly teachers day gift ideas Singapore that you may choose to celebrate, appreciate, and honor yours and your little one’s incredible teachers who works hard to shape our brighter future.

While buying gifts for a teacher, we need to remember that good teachers can make a huge impact on our lives and thus the gifts we buy for them must be inspiring and appropriately reflect our gratitude to the teacher. Although it is difficult to find out what personality exactly is the recipient teacher, but we may consider their hobbies (if known) and preferred attire or style that they usually carry. This can help us a bit determining what types of gifts they will like.

Teachers Day Gift Ideas Singapore

Below mentioned is a small list of some evergreen gift items that you can choose for your adorable teacher.

1. Gift Cards

The best gift option that you may find in Singapore for the teachers’ day or teachers appreciation week with the maximum convenience and flexibility are the ‘Gift Cards’. These gift cards are usually available at the information or administrative sections of the shopping malls or at various bookstores in Singapore. Comes with great shopping options; they offer the buyer to avail discounts and to choose from plenty of brand options.

Some major brands included are Kinokuniya for books, Sephora for cosmetics, Cold Storage for grocery and Lululemon for exercise and yoga apparels. If you live in Singapore, then you may gift these cards to your teacher. And if you are in Singapore for shopping or on vacations and looking for something to carry along to your home country; then still it is a decent option as you can avail discounts.

A number of brands are now also offering individual gift cards that you can also buy from their retail outlets. Presenting these gift cards with a customized printable is a wonderful option. Gift Cards are certainly one of the recommended teachers day gift ideas Singapore.

2. Notebooks, Journals & Planners

Books and teacher always go along. Teachers always have a use of planner, notebook or journals and diaries. There are numerous stylish and colorful options available in the market these days. For instance, one of the most famous brand in Singapore is Kikki.K Stationary. It offers a wide range of stationary items individually and in bundles. Moreover, there complete sets of collection are matchless. They also has several stores located all around Singapore. The products are also reasonably prices and have high quality. It makes one of the ideal gift for your teacher in Singapore and is a surely appreciated item.

3. Jewelry &Watches

Jewelry pieces and watches always work, irrespective of the relation type. So no matter if you are gifting them to your girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband, mother/father, sister/brother, friend or teacher, it simply works. Depending on your budget, you may find a wide range of quality watches easily in the malls and shops of Singapore. Some great places for budget shopping in Singapore include Mustafa Centre, Bugis Street, Lucky Plaza, Far East Plaza and Anchorpoint Shopping Centre, where you can find inexpensive but quality watches and jewelry pieces.

4. Handmade & Crafty Accessories

Handmade and crafty accessories are always praised, as they reflect the amount of effort one has personally put in. Although there are heaps of creative ideas at Pinterest and Etsy that you may adopt to make one for yours teachers. But there you can also buy a number of people who sell handmade and crafty accessories such as tote bags, jewelry items, chalkboards, valets etc. Additionally, you may also find a lot of merchants at Mustafa Centre and Lucky Plaza who sell handcrafts. So if your teacher kind of like creative, then buying something crafty is splendid.

5. Perfectly Personals

Looking to gift something completely personalized? You can find a wide range of customized gift items in Singapore. Personalized gifts are always special as they convey special feelings and regards to the recipient. Personalized gifts are among the most sought after takeaway items among the Singaporean visitors. There are many companies in Singapore, offering a complete and diverse range of personalized gift items in Singapore.

You can get a number of customized gift items including jackets, hoodies and T-shirts, pillows, towels, cushions, key chains, baby hampers, executive pens, handbags, purses, mugs and other items for your favorite teacher.

6. Local Singaporean Knick-Knacks

If you live in Singapore and your cute little one goes to an international school, where his teacher is a foreigner; or if you are taking a gift back to your country as a remembrance, then traditional Singapore souvenirs are the perfect to as give away. Depending on your budget, you can find an extensive array of Singaporean Knick Knacks such as Peranakan Gift items, Singaporean artifacts, etc. Such items are usually appreciated by art lovers. You may find some at Mustafa Centre and Lucky Plaza and Bugis Street.

These are some of the recommended teachers day gift ideas Singapore. If you want to recommend a gift option for the teachers’ day, please add comments below.

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