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Sunset Singapore – 5 Best Places to Bliss the Dusk in Singapore

There is something really fascinating about watching the sun sinking down the skyline while the red, purples and blue hues of the night starting to deepen. And obviously the best part is that nature gives us the opportunity to watch this mesmerizing sunset view every day. Singapore is one of the destinations which attracts photographer from all over the world to capture some of the most beautiful views of Singapore sunset in their cameras. But trust us, these views looks even more beautiful when you watch them with your own beautiful eyes and feel their spellbinding powers by yourself.

Sunset Singapore Best Spots

Singapore has many impressive spots where you can catch the sunset. We have already discussed best places to watch sunrise in Singapore. Ranging from the hideouts to famous waterfronts, we have listed five of the best sunset Singapore spots below.

1. The Sunset Walk – Changi Coastal Walk

Aside from nasi lemak and chalets, Changi has a stunning broadwalk which offers great sunrise and sunset view as well. Changi Boardwalk is probably one of the best places in Singapore to catch the sunrise and sunset as well. At the western end of Changi Point, nestling is this beautiful 2 km long broadwalk, which will take you through lavish extends of widely varied flora and fauna of the beautiful Changi Beach. Also called the Sunset Walk; Changi Broadway is perfect for spending a romantic evening with your partner while strolling over the calm water with the dusky shadows in the backdrop.

Tip & Timings: You can get a flattering Singapore sunset view from anywhere along the beach and broadwalk. The sun sets around 6:45 pm, thus we would recommend you to reach there around 6:30 pm to take some time finding the place that rightly suits you.

Address: Changi Boardwalk, 51 Lorong Bekukong – 7A Gosport Rd, 509710 Changi, East Singapore 499172.

2. Sunset Strip @ Jewel Bridge – Punggol Waterway Park

Punggol, is one of the most beautiful spots in Singapore to capture the sun setting panoramas. This lovely lady of all heartland homes in Singapore is situated at the northern tip of the Singapore Island and offers a peaceful and romantic setting to treasure the nightfall. Punggol Waterway Park is commendably enormous and you may also find numerous attractions here for your leisure as well that could make your evening more pleasing and gratifying.

Punggol Waterway Park makes one of the best places to witness the appeal of the sun’s nightly retreat. At the western end of Punggol Waterway Park is Jewel Bridge, which is specially designed to quench the thirst of those who want to treasure the moment in their eyes forever. So once entered, simply head towards the Jewel Bridge place in the western direction of the Punggol Waterway Park.

Tip & Timings: The sun sets usually around 6:45 pm at Punggol and since the park is extended to a large area, we would recommend you to reach there between 6:15 pm to 6:30 pm and walk straight ahead to the Jewel Bridge to enjoy every bit of the sunset Singapore.

Address: Punggol Waterway Park, Sentul Crescent Road, Singapore 822313.

3. CÉ LA VI’s Al Fresco Skybar – Marina Bay Sands Skypark

The beautiful panorama of Singapore’s city skyline is one of the most loved sight for the tourists from all over the world. Consolidated with a kaleidoscopic splash of reds, blues and orange colors of water; it become even more enchanting and captivating sight that we assure, you will always remember. Situated in the heart of downtown Singapore, CÉ LA VI’s Al Fresco Skybar is situated at the 57th level of the Skybar Hotel in the famous Marina Bay Sands. It is an open air sky bar which also offers benefactors an all-encompassing dusk view as they relax and taste on their lip-smacking cocktails.

Timings: The sun sets around 6:45 pm. CÉ LA VI guests do not have access to SkyPark unless they are a Marina Bay Sands Hotel guest or SkyPark ticket holder.

Address: Level 57-01, North Sky Park, Entrance from Sands Skypark Hotel Lobby, Tower 3.

4. Bedok Jetty – East Coast Park

East Coast Park stands out amongst the most fine-looking sunset watching spots in Singapore. It is a beach park, situated on the southeastern shoreline and offers an incredible dusk-watch in the evening. Bedok Jetty, which is situated in Block F of East Coast Park is the most famous spot within her to bliss the glory of the sundown. And if you are a morning-bird, then we would also prescribe you to spend a morning at the Bedok Jetty to unwind and relax at this beautiful place.

You can easily drive to East Coast Park or may arrive through Bedok MRT (EW5) and taking Bus # 401 from stop # B93159. Be that as it may, we would suggest you to drive here via car and bring along a bike with you to conveniently find the ideal spot to settle down.

Tip & Timing: Sun usually sets around 6:45 pm at East Coast Park and you may catch the view from any spot along the beach; however, we would suggest to arrive a bit early to catch sunset Singapore as the car parking is located at quite a distance away from the beach.

Address:  East Coast Park Service Rd, Singapore 449876.

5. Lower Peirce Reservoir

As the last bits of daylight sink, the solitary structure roosting over Lower Peirce Reservoir begins to channel its sensational setting and outline a reflection onto the waters underneath, converting the entire scene into a dramatic backdrop which is more than perfect to be photographed. This is the reason that Lower Peirce Reservoir is one of the most desired spot for photographer in Singapore to capture the golden moments of the dusk and nightfall.

The place is exceptionally composed and tranquil in the evening with the still waters and romance and serenity in the air. Just treasure these beautiful moments of sitting alongside the banks of the reservoir while holding the hands of your beloved partner and watching the sunset Singapore together. Lower Peirce Reservoir is perfect to recreate this beautiful romantic memory and trust us; you would think that life couldn’t be any better.

Tip & Timings: We would recommend you to be at Lower Peirce Reservoir by 6:30 pm to find you a right place that suits you. You may also walk along the banks of the reservoir and could find many relaxing spots to catch the sunset.

Address: Near MacRitchie Reservoir and Upper Peirce Reservoir.

These are some of the best sunset Singapore spots, you can go in the town. You can get directions from and be at the destination at least half an hour before the sunset. If you want to recommend a sunset place in Singapore, please add comments below.

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Photo Credit: Andy Sutanto

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