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Sunrise Singapore – Best 5 Places to Watch the Sunrise in Singapore

Singapore – for this beautiful Lion City, the first image that we got usually demarcated by its modernity, skyscrapers and ultra-modern shopping mall. However, most of us might not know that this beautiful city equally nurtures the natural panorama and offers some magnificent landscapes. Sunrise Singapore is among some of the most awe-inspiring prospect that people from all over the love to cherish and photographers want to capture.

Sunrise Singapore

We have already discussed the best places to watch sunset in Singapore. In this article, we have organized a beautiful sun-up rundown for you to relish the first light of your beautiful day at a beautiful place.

1. Marina Bay

Marina is an ultimate no-brainer guess to watch a perfect sunrise when in Singapore. Marina Bay offers a spectacular view when the sun rises from between the Singapore Art Science Museum and Marina Bay Sands. Most importantly, this Singapore sunrise spot is highly accessible through public transport. So if you are a morning person, or in other case you are too lazy to travel early in the morning; then Marina Bay is the perfect choice to enjoy the morning beauty of Singapore. Because you can get here in the wee and it wouldn’t actually require you to wake up hours before the sunrise to delight it.

Although there are various angles and spots to enjoy and capture the sunrise beauty; but the most famous is from the Merlion Park; which will allow you to also capture the Singapore Flyer, Art Science Museum, and the Marina Bay Sands building.

Address: 2 Bayfront Ave, Singapore.

Tip & Timings: We would recommend you reaching Marina Bay around 6:30 am to settle down as the sun usually rises around 7:00 am.

2. Bedok Jetty, East Coast Park

East Coast Park is one of the most fine-looking place in Singapore. It is a Beach Park, located on the southeastern coast of Singapore and serves as the best choice for cycle enthusiasts and roller bladders; however the place also offers a great sunrise Singapore view in the morning. We would also recommend you to also take some time out and spend an evening at the Bedok Jetty located in the Block F of East Coast Park to relax and unwind at this solitary planet.

East Coast Park is located at the central location and you can easily get there by Bedok MRT (EW5) and Bus # 401 from bus stop B93159. But we would suggest you to drive here by car and also take along a bicycle with you to stay handy in finding the perfect spot. Head there in the afternoon if you want to enjoy cycling and playing along with your family at its sandy shores.

Address: East Coast Park Service Rd, Singapore 449876

Tip & Timings: Sun usually rises around 6:45 am at East Coast Park and you may catch the view from any spot along the beach; however, we would suggest to arrive a bit early as the car parking is located at quite a distance away from the beach.

3. Changi Broadwalk

Since the sun rises from the East, it is thus advisable to move ahead the eastern spots of Singapore to get a clear and better view of sunrise in Singapore. Located at one of the Singapore’s extreme, Changi Broadwalk is one of the most famous spots for local, tourists and photographers to appreciate the dawning glory. Situated near the Changi Coast, Changi Broadwalk is the perfect spot to enjoy the morning breeze while waiting for the sun to make its fabulous morning appearance. The Singapore rising sun over the calm sea water along with the meditating sound of low waves is enough to mesmerize you.

Address: Changi Boardwalk, 51 Lorong Bekukong – 7A Gosport Rd, 509710 Changi, East Singapore 499172.

Tip & Timings: You can get an admiring view from anywhere along the beach and broadwalk. We would recommend you to reach there by 6:15 am as this will allow you to explore a suitable spot that perfectly suits you.

4. Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

Lower Seletar Reservoir is one of the most desired spot for photographer in Singapore to capture the sunrise and natural morning beauty. The place is serene and quiet in the morning and the waters are still; but it starts getting busier by midday. Get your breakfast ready, take along a yoga mat and you are all set to start a beautiful romantic day in alongside the banks of the reservoir with the rising-sun as your backdrop. Although Lower Seletar Reservoir is situated at quite a distance from Khatib MRT and will require you to walk for approximately 10 minutes from the nearest bus stop; but trust us, the gorgeous sunrise Singapore view will more than make up for your travelling efforts.

Address: Yishun Ave 1, Lower Seletar Reservoir Park, Singapore 769139.

Tip & Timings: We would recommend you to be at Lower Seletar Reservoir Park by 6:30 am to find you a better location that suits you the most. Additionally, walk along the banks of the reservoir and you will find many relaxing spots to catch the sunrise. For photographers, it is ideal to camp out at the ‘Heritage Bridge’ to click some best sunrise shots in Singapore.

5. Sunrise Bridge @ Punggol Waterway Park

Punggol, is ostensibly the lovely lady of all heartland homes in Singapore. Situated at the northern tip of the Singapore Island, the Punggol Promenade is surrounded by greenery and offers a serene setting to see the sunrise. The extensive Punggol Waterway Park makes it considerably more appealing and enjoyable. It also makes one of the best places to witness appeal of the sun’s nightly retreat. At the eastern end of Punggol Waterway Park is Sunrise Bridge, so simply head towards it to get the best sunrise view in Singapore.

Address: Punggol Waterway Park, Sentul Crescent Road, Singapore 822313.

Timings: Sun usually rises around 6:45 am at Punggol. Punggol Waterway Park is extended to a large area and covers a lot of activities from dawn to dusk, thus we would recommend that in order to see the sunrise Singapore, walk straight ahead to the Sunrise Bridge to enjoy every bit of the sunrise.

These are some of the recommended places to watch the most beautiful sunrise in Singapore. If you want to recommend a place, please do so by adding comments below.

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Photo Credit: Leong Him Woh

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