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Singapore to Ipoh Bus – Taking a bus from Singapore to Ipoh

Ipoh is the fourth largest city of peninsular Malaysia and a gateway to the Cameron Highlands. During the time of the British, tin mining was at its peak. This led to Ipoh to become one of Malaysia’s main cities.

The British left their colonial effects onto the concreteness of Ipoh which can be seen reflecting in the old buildings. The town hall and railway station are examples of the colonial importance.

Presently, Ipoh is best known for its food and dining, shop houses and street vendors. This makes Ipoh one of the major spots for tourism in the country.

On the Road from Singapore to Ipoh Bus

If you prefer adding an element of adventure to your journey than travelling by road would be the most suitable and enjoyable option for you. The ideal bus route should be at the top of your planning chart.

The total travel distance from Singapore to Ipoh by bus is over 600 km with the travel time of about 7 to 8 hours.

The journey is easy to experience as the best bus service with fully air conditioned buses and the smoothness of the roads makes every moment worth the while. Road travel is highly recommended for the true adventure seekers. With the best maintained and sanctioned bus services in Singapore, tourists usually prefer bus travelling as an excuse to experience the scenic beauty of Singapore and other cities along the way.

Road Travel Made Easy

Many significant booking websites have no doubt made travelling by road ‘easy’. They help book luxury coaches in order to travel at ease from Singapore to Ipoh. The services are reasonably priced and highly reputed in comfort and travelling condition. Families usually prefer travelling by bus since they’re spacious with many people on board as well as light on the pocket.

Bus Operating Stations in Singapore

There are various reliable bus companies in Singapore that offer safe travels to the tourists going for other cities and countries. Some of the famous ones are Lapan Lapan Travel, the Konsortium, Sri Maju, Golden Coach Express and Sri Maju.

The most common passenger pick up points for buses in Singapore are the Key Point, City Plaza, Golden Mile Tower, Golden Mile Complex and the Boon Lay Shopping Centre. It’s easy to pick up passengers here since the places are highly crowded.

However, you can take the next convenient Singapore to Ipoh bus. The usual timings of bus booking starts around 6am in the morning and goes on to 3am the next.

Drop Off Points at Ipoh

The famous drop off points in Ipoh includes Amanjaya and Jalan Bendahara.

The Amanjaya terminal in Jelapang district in Perak, Malaysia is almost 16 km north of the main city centre. To rule into the specifics, number 116 for example, leaves for the city centre every 30 minutes or so and costs around 2.40 RM (Malaysian Ringgit) which considerable cheap and convenient for any passenger. The bus stops at the train station and then goes as far as the Greentown Clinic in Perak. The whole journey takes about 20 minutes.

The Jalan Bendahara is another drop off point and travel service which offers rides to and from mainly cities like Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Penang.

Bus Fare

Bus fare varies from station to station. A fully equipped and comfortable journey in a Singapore to Ipoh bus would cost around 36SGD (Singapore Dollars) for adults and children. However, if you’re travelling through the Sri Maju group, the cost would increase with almost 10SGD, costing about 45SGD for adults and children. This is still less costly and more adventurous than a plane ride.

Why Travel Singapore to Ipoh by Bus?

A bus ride allows one to travel in full comfort while experiencing the scenic beauty of the country alongside. It’s cheaper than a plane and more comfortable than a car.

The well maintained and reliable bus services in Singapore alone are enough to persuade one to opt for bus travel. They take you to your desired destination directly and in the quickest span of time.

Best Time to Visit Ipoh

The picturesque city of Ipoh, just like other cities in Malaysia, experiences significant climatic changes. According to some, the best time to travel to Ipoh is when the temperatures are comfortable for an average person. In other words, between 20 – 30 degrees. Fortunately, this temperature stays on a neutral scale almost throughout the year, making it easy for tourists to plan a visit and carry out other activities while in the city!

The Singapore to Ipoh bus ride is a journey full of adventure. If you have taken the bus ride and would like to share your experience, please add comments below.

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