Singapore to Cameron Highlands Traveling Guide & Tips

One of the most scenic and yet expensive hill stations in Malaysia would be The Cameron Highlands. The total area occupied is about 712 square km. It shares one part of its border with Perak, the northwest state of Peninsular Malaysia. Cameron Highlands have been a sanctuary or in words a majestic haven for the homesick especially during the Colonial era. Currently, people come here from cities as far away as Singapore to experience the natural beauty and as an escape from the heat of the lowlands. If you want to escape from the city life, a trip from Singapore to Cameron Highlands is highly recommended.

How to go from Singapore to Cameron Highlands

Total distance from Singapore to the Cameron Highlands is 600 km by road. The best and shortest way of travelling to the highlands is by bus. However, there are other modes of transport available, providing reasonable enough services from Singapore to Cameron Highlands that should definitely be considered.

Traveling via Air

By Plane: Flying is usually the first option that comes to mind when it comes to travelling. There are two ways in which tourists can travel from Singapore to Cameron Highlands. You can either fly to Ipoh from Johor Bahru or then to Cameron Highlands or take a direct flight from Singapore Changi Airport to Ipoh.

The Johor Bahru journey involves a train from Singapore City Hall to Sembawang. Journey time of 40 minutes and cost between S$2-4 one way. Once at Sembawang, get a taxi which will take you to Johor Bahru Airport in 30 minutes. Catch a flight from the Johor Bahru airport to Ipoh (S$ 19-120 one way). Upon arrival at Ipoh a taxi can be arranged which will transfer you to Cameron Highlands in 1 hour 18 minutes.

Another way of reaching Cameron Highlands by plane is arriving at the Changi Airport from Tanah Merah Station. Trains from City Hall depart every 5 minutes for Tenah Merah. Take a train from Tenah Merah to the Changi Airport. It takes 8 minutes with one stop in between and cost of S$1-2 per person. Catch a flight to Ipoh between S$30 – 260 and reach Ipoh in less than two hours. Upon arrival at Ipoh hire a taxi to take you to the Cameron Highlands. Travel time 1 hour 8 minutes and cost between $55-70.


By Train: The only way a train is involved while travelling to Cameron Highlands from Singapore is when passengers take a train from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur first.

Total time taken to travel from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur by train is 8-10 hours. Normal booking usually starts around 7 in the morning and goes on till night 8 pm. The train #2 at the EKSPRES RAKYAT railway for instance, leaves for Kuala Lumpur Sentral daily at 9:12 am from the Woodlands Checkpoint in Singapore. Ticket costs between 37 – 66 SGD.

Upon reaching Kuala Lumpur airport, you can take the airport shuttle bus to KL City Center and then to transfer a bus at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan to go straight to Cameron Highlands.


By Bus: The bus ride from Singapore to Cameron Highlands takes 10 hours, approximately. There are many popular operating companies in Singapore that offer buses to travel intra and inter-city. The Kinsortium being the most popular amongst tourists, offers daily services to Cameron Highlands directly from Singapore. The booking starts around 8 in the morning and goes on till 10:30 pm at night. Booking tickets 24 hours prior to the start of the journey is recommended.

The overnight VIP buses such as the Kinsortium from Singapore operated from the Golden Mile Tower office costs between SG$55-SG$65 for a 10 hour journey.

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By Car: The only way to travel by car from Singapore to Cameron Highlands is firstly to take the exit at the expressway Tapah and take route 59 to proceed towards the Cameron Highlands. Ringlet, one of the towns, is reached first. There is also an alternative route via Simpang Pulai expressway route 145. It takes an hour to reach the town of Kampung Raja at Camerons.

By Taxi: People can hire private cars or taxis to travel from Singapore to Cameron Highlands. The Taxi to Johor Bahru is providing spacious car service to tourists. It is advisable to book tickets in advance.


By Ferry: There is no direct ferry route from Singapore to Cameron Highlands. Take a ferry from Singapore to Malacca then onwards to Cameron Highlands by a hired car. The total journey time is 4 hours and 30 minutes. The ferries arrive and depart from the Harbour Master’s Jetty to Taman Melaka Raya near the Maritime Museum. To reach the jetty, tourists take the local bus 17 that goes near the Harbour’s Jetty.

The Tunas Rupat express is offering two ferries daily from Malacca to Dumai.  Upon reaching Malacca, Camerons can be reached by hiring a private car and crossing the North-South highway at Simpang Pulai. Following the road will lead the visitors to Cameron Highlands.

By Cruise: Cruise is a more luxurious and leisurely way of travelling, but like ferry services, there is no cruise that travels directly from Singapore to Cameron Highlands. However, travellers who really want to experience a cruise trip can take one from Singapore to Malacca. Upon reaching Malacca, they can travel to Cameron Highlands via car. The Singapore Cruise Centre offers its services for $24 for a two way trip.

Best Time to Visit Cameron Highlands

Off peak season is the best time to visit the Cameron Highlands. The peak season includes weekends, school and the local festival holidays. Tourists might get stuck in traffic jams with little to no exploring around towns. Brinchang however, has a very famous night market, which should be visited on the weekends.

Weather wise, the Cameron Highlands are cool throughout the year. The temperature ranges from 14 degrees to 28 degrees with rainfall being common all year round. If you really want to make a memorable and pleasant to the peak trip to the Camerons, plan your visit in the cooler months between December and February.

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