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Singapore to Bintan Ferry – Taking a Ferry from Singapore to Bintan

Bintan Island is a part of the Riau Islands, a province of Indonesia. The capital, Tanjung, lies on the island’s south side being one of the main communities of Riau. The trip from Singapore to Bintan Island is about 40-50 minutes via a catamaran ship. Bintan Island is popular for its beaches and resorts, which lie over 300 hectares in the tropical region. Tourists can take a ride inland for hiking or relax on the beaches. Many visitors are drawn into this island because of its extensive beauty and natural aesthetics. It also offers reasonable cheaper rates for gold courses in order to invite golfers from all over the city.

Bintan Island is a great break from the booming city life and urbanization of Singapore. One of the convenient and cheapest ways to travel is taking a Singapore to Bintan ferry. Usually a ferry ride takes 2-3 hours to reach its intended destination; but most of the time it depends on where you’re headed.

On the Singapore to Bintan Ferry

Bintan Resorts in Lagoi are situated on the northern tip of Riau Islands which 45 minutes on a ferry ride if you’re coming in from Singapore. The resorts are highly luxurious and popular with the tourists. Tanjung Pinang, the capital of Bintan Island, is the place where most tourists accommodate at arrival since it’s the most crowded part of the island. The Singapore to Bintan ferry takes 1 hour and 30 minutes approximately.

Ferry Terminals at Singapore

Singapore is one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world with one of the best travel systems in Asia. The country is also a hub for onward travel to many neighbouring islands and cities. There are many eminent terminals in Singapore, where ferries embark from different cities all over the country. Harboutfront Centre and Tanah Marah are two of the most famous ones. To and from here, ferries travel to many destinations like the Bintan Island. A commendable number of sails are offered for travel in a Singapore to Bintan ferry.

Ferry Terminals at Bintan

The terminals at Bintan Island are actively functional with numerous sailings each day. Singapore’s Tanah Merah Terminal is connected via ferries going to Bintan Island in the capital north Tanjung Pinang. This consists of islands on the west side. The motorised catarman ferries are operated by the Bintan Resorts. The Singapore to Bintan ferry Islands takes one hour. The passengers depart from the Harbourfront or Tana Marah and reach Bentan Telani. The Sindo Ferry, too, is famous in the Islands. The Sindo Ferry terminal connects Tanjung Pinang with a journey of two hours.

Booking and Scheduling

Booking tickets at the advance ticket office at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal or online is highly recommended for all passengers who are willing to take the Singapore to Bintan ferry. The sailing time and schedules differ from terminal to terminal. The passengers, therefore, must make sure that they have the catalogue in hand in order to keep a check in on the timings. On time boarding pass collection and early checking is highly advised at the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal at Singapore. The boarding passes should be collected at least 1.5 hours before departure time. On the other hand, Bintan Resort Ferries (BRF) are very particular about their services and scheduling. They are liable to cancel any booking if the passengers are not received 40 minutes prior to departure.

The Bandar Bentan Terminal at Bintan Island requires passengers to confirm their trip and boarding passes two hours prior to departure. They are liable to cancel the booking if the passengers are not collected 45 minutes before departure.

Ferry Fare

For an ideal 7-day trip via Singapore to Bintan Island ferry, a Trip Guard for Bintan Resort Ferries can be hired for a reasonable price of SGD$8. However, a trip lasting longer than a week, tourists are advised to buy the Trip Guard.

The Ferry Emerald class is a luxury ferry compartment with exclusive travellers that comes with its perks. The passengers are required to buy their visa on board once they reach their destination. The check-in for boarding and baggage is combined while the seat assignment is also based on preference.

Best Time to Visit Bintan Island

Bintan is a tropical island which tends to get wet and humid, therefore making it unsuitable for travel. The temperature tends to stay neutral, however; between 21 – 32 degrees.

The Island’s peak season are the summer months between March and October with less rain and more opportunities to take that lush walk under the sun and also experience Tanjung Pinang’s Dragon Boat Festival which happens in October.

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