Singapore to Bhutan – Your Complete Travel Guide & Handy Tips

Bhutan is officially known as the Kingdom of Bhutan. It is a landlocked sovereign state in South Asia, amidst the Eastern Himalayas. Geographically, Bhutan is located near the border of China towards the north and India to the south, east and west. It is separated from the Indian state of Sikkim in Nepal. Bangladesh also separates it further south by the Indian states of Assam and West Bengal. Thimphu is Bhutan’s capital and the largest city in the country.

Buddhism is the dominant religion in Bhutan. The country’s landscape spreads around like a lush tropical escape to the south of the sub alpine Himalayan Mountains. To this side there are some of the highest peaks in Bhutan ranging to 7000 metres. The highest peak in the country is the Gangkhar Puensum.

Since 2014 Bhutan has become one of the most valued destination for tourists. The country’s tourism industry imposes a $250 fee on travellers to cover the cost of accommodation and exploration. There are many ancient sites in the country that are widely explored such as the Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary, the Ancient Ruin of Drukgyel Dzong, Jigme Dorji National Park (JDNP), Royal Manas National Park (RMNP), Sacred Sites associated with Phajo Drugom Zhigpo and his descendants and many more.

Hiking and adventure trekking is also very popular in Bhutan. This makes the country one of the best visit destinations for the tourists. So, don’t wait and plan the greatest trip from Singapore to Bhutan.

Why Travel from Singapore to Bhutan?

Bhutan is known for its blending natural beauty such as the stunning landscapes. The cuisine involves spicy yet delicious food which is popular amongst visitors who are looking for exotic dishes. The country’s festivals are colourful and most authentic so if you want to put a pause to your fast paced life and enjoy a little while on the skirts of the Himalayas then Bhutan should be your definite travel destination.

The Modes of Travel

The only best way to travel from Singapore to Bhutan would be via air. There are no railways in Bhutan or ferry service that would link the country with Singapore either directly or indirectly. If money and time isn’t a constraint, tourists can always take a short flight to India and then travel to Bhutan further via train. This would serve as the perfect balance of eagerness for adventure and thirst for exploration; hitting two countries with one mode of transport!

Taking the plane from Singapore to Bhutan

The only way one can travel from Singapore to Bhutan via air is taking a flight to Paro International Airport, which is the only entry point to Bhutan. This point is located on the south west of the country. Since April 2008, the use of E-tickets amongst passengers has increased.

The whole journey starting from Singapore’s Tanah Merah train station to Changi Airport and from the way to Paro takes about $303 – 465. The time taken is approximately 7.5 hours. Tickets can easily be booked and bought online. It is advised to book your tickets at least a month prior to your departure. This would prevent unnecessary delays.

The Drukair, which is also the official royal airline of Bhutan offers direct flights from Singapore to Paro in Bhutan.

Taking a plane from Singapore to India

An alternative way involved from Singapore to Bhutan could be stopping for a short visit in India and then booking a train or private car that would take you to the capital city Phnom or Paro in Bhutan.

Flights in India usually land in Mumbai, Madras, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kolkata. A flight from Singapore to Mumbai would cost around $163 – 235. The plane journey is for approximately 8 hours and 3 minutes. The passengers can then take the train from Vile Parle straight to Mumbai.

Further from India to Bhutan

By Train: The Hasimara state of Bengal lies on the border with Bhutan. The Lokmanyatilak (LTT) can be taken to Hasimara in 48 hours and 45 minutes with 21 stops in between. Cost ranges from $35-55 per person.

By Private Car: The only way you can utilise private car services on the way from Singapore to Bhutan is after you reach Mumbai and catch the Lokmanyatilak (LTT) to Hasimara in Bengal. A bus can be booked at the Hasimara bus terminal that leave for Bhutan Post thrice a week. The bus ride from Hasimara to Bhutan post takes 30 minutes. Finally book a car from Bhutan post to Thimpu which takes about 3 hours 27 minutes.

Best Time to Visit Bhutan

The months of October to December are the ideal months to visit the exotic and mesmerizing spots of Bhutan. The air and skies at this time are clean and fresh. January and February on the other hand are much colder, but starting April, the climate becomes dry and pleasant with flowers at their bloom and adding colour to the valleys.

So if you’re planning a trip from Singapore to Bhutan, keep a rain check on the weather conditions which can either make or break your journey. For more information, you can visit Bhutan Travel Guide.

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