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Singapore to Batam Ferry – Taking a Ferry from Singapore to Batam

Batam is an island and city located 20 km off Singapore’s south coast. It’s situated in the Riau Islands province of Indonesia and is best known for its free trade zone area as part of the Sijori Growth Triangle consisting of Malaysia-Singapore-Indonesia. As of June 2010 the total population of the island is 1,025,044 covering an area of 715 square kilometers.

The official language is Indonesian but due to the majority of the population being Chinese, Mandarin is also a widely spoken language. Batam Island is one of the fastest growing and currently booming tourist destination of Indonesia. There are multiple luxury resorts accommodating tourists at reasonable enough prices. The culture of Batam is diverse, consisting of different communities from the Malayan to Chinese traditions.

Batam Island is the most famous tropical holiday destination in South East Asia with warm weather, sunshine and sandy beaches with coconut palm trees. The ideal vacation spot for people coming from both Eastern and Western regions.

Keeping this in mind, the government has made it easy for tourists to take a ferry from Singapore to Batam Island.

Taking the Singapore to Batam Ferry

Tourists are usually seen travelling on water to reach Batam Island from Singapore. Taking a ferry from Singapore to Batam is the fastest and easiest way of exploring the outskirts of Singapore and experiencing a great sea venture. The total time taken to reach Batam Island from Singapore from the ferry is 45 – 70 minutes.

Ferry Terminals at Singapore

The most famous cruise terminal in Singapore is the Singapore Cruise Centre, located in the south of Singapore, overlooking the beautiful Sentosa Island, 2.0 km away from the HarbourFront Centre and Vivo City Shopping District. The Singapore Cruise Centre serves as the main entry point for many of the cruise ships and ferries coming in and going out from Singapore. There are certain embarkation steps which all passengers have to pass through as custom check in, eventually.

You might not find it difficult to find a Singapore to Batam ferry since the famous Regional Ferry Terminal is the cruise point at Singapore that acts as the main gateway to Indonesia and its islands of Batam and Karimum.

Batam Ferry Terminals

The famous Batam Ferry Terminal is located right in the center of Batam which is a town developed to be a hub of commerce and business. It only takes travellers 60-70 minutes to reach Batam Ferry Terminal from the Singapore HarbourFront Centre; unless it’s the peak tourist season which tends to cause traffic.

From here tourists can hire a taxi and get dropped off to the Mega Mall or other food outlets.

On the northwestern tip of Batam Island, there is also the Sekupang International Ferry Terminal located. It is a famous tourist attraction with plenty of hotels and resorts such as the South Link Golf Resort.

Booking and Scheduling

The Singapore HarbourFront starts its booking from 8am in the morning and goes on till night time. It is better to book tickets the Singapore to Batam Ferry online and in advance in order to avoid unforeseen cancellations.

There is numerous scheduling for passengers to choose from according to their convenience. Singapore to Batam from the Harbourfront Centre combines a choice up to 38 sailings every day from morning till night. This includes numerous ferry companies such as the Sindo Ferry, which has 12 sailings per day covering the distance from Singapore to Batam Island under 1 hour which is the shortest sailing duration. Departures from Johor Bahru are available online as well. Ferries leave every hour at almost 8am in the morning and goes on until 6:40pm in the evening.

Ferry Fare

A two way ride in a Ferry from Singapore to Batam Island would cost SGD$48 for an adult while SGD$45 per child. Harbourfront to Batam or Sekupang is, however cheaper with SGD$25 for adults and children both.

The prices charged for children are for those under age 12. The Singapore to Batam ferry fares comprise of the ticket fare itself, surcharge, the Singapore Passenger Departure Fee which is $6, the Batam Terminal Fee $8 plus the administration fee RP65,000 (Indonesian) and the Nongsapura Terminal Fee $6 also comprising of the administration fee of RP50,000.

Best Time to Visit the Island of Batam

Batam’s average annual temperature is 26-27 degrees. Rainfall is very common throughout the year because of its tropical climate. There is rapid humidity even in the driest months, especially February to September when there is very little rainfall. The Batam Island’s peak season is considered to be the months between February and August since many families from abroad and other cities come to visit.

Singapore to Batam ferry is less than an hour ride from the HarbourFront ferry terminal in Singapore. Hence, the island is also a vacation hot spot for the Singaporean. A weekday tour of Batam Island will be less pricey as compare to the one on the weekends.

Please share your insights, if you have taken a ferry ride from Singapore to Batam Island. Have a safe trip.

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