singapore to bali ferry ride

Singapore to Bali Ferry – Taking a Ferry from Singapore to Bali

Bali is an island territory of Indonesia, which incorporates neighboring islands, for example, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. Bali is notable for its conventional music and moves, painting, calfskin and designed manifestations. If you’re thinking about taking Singapore to Bali ferry trip, it will be worth your money and time.

Singapore to Bali Ferry Ride

Ferry travel is easy and allows for more freedom to the passengers in terms of dining and entertainment. This comes with cheap prices and more convenience as far as documentations are concerned. Even though, little to no ferry from Singapore to Bali are available, tourists prefer making stop overs at various terminals on their way to Bali just to get a glimpse of Singapore’s luscious sights; included in a reasonably priced package.

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Ferry Terminals at Singapore

Singapore is one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world with one of the best travel systems in Asia. The country is also a hub for onward travel to many neighbouring islands and cities. There are many eminent terminals Singapore, where ferries embark from different cities all over the country. Harboutfront Centre, Tanah Marah are two of the most famous ones. To and from here, a Singapore to Bali ferry is booked. A commendable number of sails are offered for the ferries all year round to travel to Bali.

Ferry Terminals at Bali

Bali’s most popular ferry terminal is The Gilimanuk. It’s situated at the island’s most westernmost tip 88 km away from Singraja and 134 km from Denpesar. This connects Bali with East Java. Passengers who usually aboard the ferry from Java to go directly to Denpasar are offered very little through the services.

Ferry Travel to Bali

There is not a direct route for a Singapore to Bali Ferry. Travellers for whom time isn’t a constraint, they can take a series of ferries with various stop overs in between the journey.

To put it systematically: passengers will arrive the World Trade Center ferry terminal and buy their tickets for any of the ferries available at Batam. Singapore to Batam ferry takes about 45 minutes. This would be the first stop over. Next the passengers will travel from Batam to Jakarta through PELNI which is a well know ferry service company operated by Indonesian authorities. The travel time between Batam and Jakarta is 26 hours approximately.

Upon reaching Jakarta, passengers can then take the Dora Londa Ferry to Surabaya, a Bali port, catch a taxi or bus from there and get on their way to main Bali.

Planning, Scheduling and Cost

A ferry is available from Singapore’s Harbourfront Centre to Batam Island, which is only 20km away. A one way ticket would cost around $23 and can be purchased at the terminal or in advance by contacting one of the ferry companies like the Penguin Ferry or Batam Fast Ferry. Indonesian visas are available when passengers arrive in Bali so there is no hassle about documentation. Next the passengers travel from Batam to Tanjung Priok which is a large port in Jakarta. The travel time is 26 hours. The price bounces between RP 252,000 for economy class to RP 988,000 for first class. Travellers must keep a rain check on the schedules of PELNI Ferries since a boat only comes in 4 days.

Passengers then travel Tanjung Priok onwards to Jakarta via bus or taxi that covers 13 km. Tanjung Priok onwards to Jakarta and finally catch a ferry from the port straight to Bali, which takes more than one day.

How to Book Tickets

A ferry from Singapore to Bali should be booked in advance. It can either be done at the HarbourFront offices or online. Make sure to keep in touch with the travel authorities to make prior arrangements with transport and documentation such as passport and visa.

Best time to Visit Bali

Bali is worth a visit all year round. However, tourists prefer visiting places only if the weather conditions are suitable for them. Bali is hot and dry from April to September therefore might be a little dull for a walk in the park; though not too bad. The rainy seasons are from October – March.

The best time to visit Bali is probably between April and October since it is not too hot or cold. Tourism is at its peak this time around because it’s less humid and many shops offer sales on their priced items and not to forget the traffic is more bearable.

For adventure seekers, Singapore to Bali ferry ride is a must-try. You can also take a ferry from Singapore to other destinations in Indonesia, like, take a ferry from Singapore to Bintan Island.

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