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Money Changer Singapore – Best Spots to Exchange Money in Singapore

Money exchangers are always significant, but they are especially important for the travelers who makes trips on a regular basis. Therefore, offering an array of good money changers has become a paramount standing of the country to meet the needs of visitors and tourists to promote leisure industry. Singapore is full of several reliable and trustworthy money changers that are not only registered and renowned but also known for their competitive conversion rates.

In Singapore you just need to worry about the currency exchange; all you need is to look around the closest money changer in the town. Here you can easily find money exchangers inside shopping malls, airport, hotels and at all the famous commercial streets. Some of the most famous locations to trace a money exchanger in Singapore include Parkway Parade, People’s Park Complex in Chinatown, Mustafa Centre, Lucky Plaza and Mustafa Centre.

Best Money Changer Singapore

It is quintessential to find a good currency exchanger while you are travelling in order to find the best rate. Luckily, Singapore is one of the destinations that facilitates travelers with a wide range of money exchangers that are licensed and consistent in offering the best rate for an extensive range of foreign currencies.

If you are newly shifted to the place or travelling here for the first time, then here is an instant rundown for your ease that would not only help you with the best place but will also suggest you the best money exchanger within the specific location in Singapore. But before that, here is a general tip for you. If you are at a place like Singapore that offers a considerable array of currency changers, please do yourself a favor of comparing their rates becoming exchanging your money, except if you actually in a rush.

Below mentioned are the five best money changer Singapore that you can prefer to trust about changing your money.

1. People’s Park Complex –China Town

Being located in the heart of Chinatown, this place is perfect for budget shopping in Singapore. Additionally, the Temple Street area here is particularly famous for inexpensive gifts and souvenirs such as decorative items, T-shirt, key chains, etc. You may find here numerous currency changers that offer reasonable exchange rates for PHP, HKD, MYR, THB, and CNY. This place is perfect to exchange your foreign currency if you have enough time as there are several money changers and thus you can compare their rates to choose the best.

Some of the suggested names include AK Money Changer & Department Store, Emerald Money Changer, Crante Money Changer and Today’s Money Exchanger.

Address: People’s Park Complex 1 Park Road, Singapore 059108.

2. Parkway Parade

If you are situated somewhere around the Katong area, then Parkway Parade Shopping Centre is the ideal place to exchange your money in Singapore. This shopping centre has more than 300 shops with several money changers too. The money changers located in the Parkway Parade are among the most reliable ones. This location is highly accessible and feasible for the travelers in the East Singapore and is supremely reasonable and convenient as it has numerous money changers out here.

Money changer Singapore located on the first level offer the best rates for the USD, JPY, MYR, HKD and THB etc. Some of the best suggested money changers include Money Changer, Yakadir Enterprises, Sino Money Changer, Parkway Money Changer and Everpeace Money Changer.

Address: 80 Marine Parade Rd, Singapore 449269.

3. Lucky Plaza – Orchard Road

Lucky Plaza is located at the heart of Orchard Road, which is the most famous, expensive and busiest shopping belt of Singapore. Since, the place is one of the biggest tourist attractions, it has to offer some great money exchanges to cater their needs well. Lucky Plaza is a great place for exchanging MYR, THB and PHP. Since there are numerous money exchangers, there compete intensely and thus you can take the advantage by bargaining for the best exchange rates.

The place is also great for buying Singapore souvenirs and gift and shopping local and international labels. And also don’t forget to try the best Indonesian fried rice at Ayam Penyet locate at the 4th level. Some of the best money exchanges her include True Blue Money Changer, Fajar Money Changer and Rahiman Trading Rabi Trading.

Address: Lucky Plaza 304 Orchard Road, Singapore 238863.

4. The Arcade – Raffle Place

The Arcade is one the most well-known location among travelers for money exchange. It is located near the Raffles Place MRT station and also knows as the foremost business places in Singapore. Money changers located in the Arcade are quite famous for offering the exchange services for almost all the foreign currencies. One of the adverse factors is the higher rates of the money exchange that are often complained by the customers. Nevertheless, these professional money exchangers efficiently offset this negativity through their exceptionally fast and reliable services and communication.

Another factor that attracts customers to the Arcade is the electronic display of exchange rates which makes comparison quite easier. Some of the suggested money exchangers are Sheen International Exchange, Arcade Plaza Traders Pte Ltd, Arcade Money Changers and People’s Corner Money Changer. They offer the best rates for GBP, EUR, JPY, TWD, MYR and USD.

Address: 11 Collyer Quay, #01-18 The Arcade, Singapore 049317.

5. Mustafa Centre – Little India

Mustafa Centre is one of the most famous shopping places and preferred spot for money changer Singapore. It is situated on the Syed Alvi Road in Little India. You may find here an extensive assortment of shops for grocery, jewelry, electronics, shoes and departmental stores and obviously the money changers. Some of the money exchangers here also accept the cheques with exceptions for instance for the Indian Rupee, US Dollars and Malaysian Ringgit. Most importantly, the money exchanges located at the Mustafa Centre remains open for 24 hours, which means that you can convert your money anytime. You can find here the best rates for IDR, INR, HKD, CNY, PHP, RMB and MYR.

Address: 145 Syed Alvi Road, Singapore, 207704.

For your money changer Singapore needs, the above spots provide the best exchange rates in the town. You can also exchange money at the Singapore Airport but generally the exchange rates at the airports are slightly higher.

If you want to recommend a Singapore based money exchange, please do so by adding comments below.

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