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Kids Yoga Singapore – Best Yoga Classes for Kids in Singapore

Our kids live in a super-fast planet of their utterly occupied parents and guardians, never-ending school homework and lessons, school pressures, competitive sports, video games and other social and family activities. We generally forget to analyze the unpleasant impacts of such activities that how stressful they could be to our children, yet repeatedly they are influencing their physical and mental health and abilities. The clamoring pace of our kids’ lives can profoundly affect their inborn happiness – and commonly not for their good.

Modern research and trends have shown that yoga can counter these stressing pressures and can bring significant constructive impact to kids’ health and abilities. Because, when children learn tactics like relaxation, self-well being, unwinding, and inner satisfaction; then they become capable of exploring and navigating difficulties and challenges of their lives without breaking a sweat. Yoga at an early age empowers body cognizance and self-esteem with ample healthy physical activity and fitness that is non-competitive. Encouraging participation and compassion rather than resistance is an awesome blessing and a great gift that we all can give to our kids.

Kids Yoga Singapore

In Singapore there is a great number of Yoga Centers that caters the needs and requirements of your little angles. Below listed are the 5 best Yoga Centers for Kids in Singapore. Choose one that suits your locality and pocket.

1. OhmSantih Yoga

OhmSantih is an exquisite and a cozy yoga studio which offers premium yoga classes for kids in Singapore. OhmSantih Yoga, offers a non-competitive and nurturing environment to play and relax, while simultaneously developing their physical, psychological and physiological abilities through yoga. One of the most alluring factors of OhmSantih that they offer an intimate 1:5 teacher-student ratio, which ensures that every child is actively participating.

OhmSantih also regularly update parents on the child’s development, along with the suggestions related to practicing class lessons at home. OhmSantih also encourage children to explore their creativity and imagination and aside from the regular yoga session, OhmSantih also offer yoga classes for kids with medical ailment and special needs. OhmSantih charges for ‘Mass Class’ are S$360 for 8 lessons. For one-to-one private classes at the studio, it charges $560 for 8 lessons and for private sessions at the student’s home, it charges $720 for 8 lessons.

Note: Payment has to be made minimum one day prior to the start of class.


OhmSantih Yoga, 50A Bussorah Street, Singapore 199466.
Contact: +65 9336 2556

2. COMO Shambhala Urban Escape

COMO Shambhala is one of the most advanced fitness facility and a wellness treat in Singapore. COMO Shambhala offers a complete kids yoga Singapore and physical activity package that will not only support physical, intellectual, social and interpersonal skills and development of your child but will also help them gaining wellbeing and self-esteem. Their Yoga program is inspired and adopted from the Yoga Kids International and Yoga for Special Child to cater to children of all ages, which aims at increasing strength, flexibility, stamina, self-confidence, and coordination to promote teamwork, self-discipline and concentration. For kids between 4-12 years old, COMO Shambhala charges S $25 for a single class and S$ 110 for 5 classes that validates for 2 months.


Como Shambhala Urban Escape, #06-01/02 Delfi Orchard, 402 Orchard Road, Singapore 238876.
Contact: +65 6304 3552

3. Om Shiva Yoga

Om Shiva is reputable and famous name in the kids’ yoga market in Singapore. This could become your child’s favorite place as Om Shiva specializes in teaching yoga to young souls through creative plays and stories which capture their focus and attention. Om Shiva also claims that their, “Kids yoga classes combine gentle movements and modified relaxing stretches, easy postures, breathing techniques and concentration exercises”. Om Shiva charges S$30 for a single class and $300 in a package for 10 class which validates for 6 months.

Om Shiva also offers combine Moms & Kids Yoga class in Singapore, for which they charge S$35 for a single class and $300 in a package for 10 class which also validates for 6 months. The place is highly recommended for your kids yoga Singapore needs.


Om Shiva Yoga @ Horse City – 01-02B Horse City, 100 Turf Club Road, Singapore 287992.
Contact: +65 90902257

Om Shiva Yoga @ Chip Bee – 45 Jalan Rumia, Chip Bee Gardens, Singapore 278000.
Contact: +65 9689 5392

4. Vyasa Yoga

Vyasa Yoga offers an all-inclusive kids yoga Singapore session individual for your kids as well as at school level. Vyasa Yoga is successfully offering a yoga session at various schools of Singapore. Their yoga classes aim at improving concentration and memory of participants, sharpening and stabilizing their intelligence & physical stamina, improving immunity and enhance their creativity and holistic personality development in order to provide them positive health through Yoga practice from a young age.

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Vyasa Yoga offers 4 types of kids yoga classes for different age groups which include Kindergarten, Grade 1-3, Grade 4- 6 and Grade 7-10 which involves Sun Salutations, Yoga Postures, Pranayama & Breathing Exercises, Eye Exercises & Trakata, Yoga Games and Visualization Techniques. Vyasa Yoga’s charges are S$25/session or S$200 for 10 sessions. You can also make reservation through email.

Civil Service Club #03/05, 60 Tessensohn road, Singapore 217664.
Contact: +65 9626 2425 & +65 8186 6464

5. True Yoga

‘True Yoga’ is a contemporary yoga center with state of the art facilities that offers more than 35 types of yoga as well as Hot Yoga, Dance and Pilates classes. Apart from Basic and Advance Yoga classes; ‘True Yoga’ offers specialized yoga session for kids in Singapore as well. True Yoga offers calming yoga classes for children aged 6 to 12 which includes easy yoga postures like the Child Pose, Tree Pose, Cobra Pose as well as simple breathing exercises. These postures are chosen to help improve the sense of balance and general flexibility of young participants.

According to ‘True Yoga’ these sessions are helpful for children, especially after the exams, as it can help them rebooting their active lifestyle again during the holidays. Yoga session at ‘True Yoga’ also targets to improve mental concentration and lung capacity of participating children. ‘True Yoga’ App is also available for Android phone and iPhone, which also offer great connectivity and accessibility of schedules and privileged offers.


True Yoga, Level 4 Pacific Plaza, Scotts Road, Singapore 228210.
Level 4, 10 Collyer Quay, Ocean Financial Centre, Singapore 049315.
Contact: +65 6733 9555

These are some of the recommended places for your kids yoga Singapore needs. If you want to recommend a yoga center for kids in Singapore, please do so by adding comments below.

Photo Credit: COMO Shambhala Official Website


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