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Instant Photo Printing Singapore – Best Vendors in Town

In the super-fast world of digital cameras and smartphone photography, shooting videos and clicking pictures has become wonted. Additionally, these gadgets are highly accessible and affordable, and facilitate people to capture every single special and even non-special moment of their lives. Today we all live in a world of clicks and selfies that is being loved to be shared on Instagram, Facebook and Snap Chat etc. However, apart from sharing them online, we sometimes also want a printed copy of some of our favorite photographs so that we can decorate our walls, situate them on our bedside table, or to dwell it into our photo album to treasure it as a memory. These aspects have added a great accessorized side-on to smartphone and digital photography which is commonly known as Roving or Instant Printing.

Best Photo Printing Singapore

Today, no matter if it is a wedding, a corporate event or any other social occasions, we all want our ‘Live Moments’ to be provided with ‘Live’ Photography’ and beautiful instant printing solutions by experienced photography services. So, if you are looking for some wonderful, instant photography solutions in Singapore, then here we are to help you find some of the best live photography and instant photo printing service providers in Singapore shops.

Below listed are the best five instant photo printing Singapore service providers located in the town.

1. Instantly.Sg

Established in 2014 only, but Instantly.Sg has become one the most creative and famous photography solution that you may find in Singapore. At Instantly.Sg, you can not only find a way out for instant printing, you will be surprised to find it as a complete one-stop photography agency that offers you a little more. So if you are curious to know, what’s there in their little more, then let us tell you that Instantly.Sg offers you complete event photography services too, which mainly include, Photo Booth, Live Instagram Printing, Roving Photography, Smartphone Instant Print, Green Screen Photo Booth and GIF booth and much more.

Instantly.Sg also pleased to offer you tailor-made and customized photography services as per your events. Instantly.Sg’s instant printing service is particularly ideal if you wish to have an instant print version of your images taken anywhere from your smart phones.

Address: 7 Rivervale Link, Unit 05-39, The Rivervale. Singapore 545125.
Contact: +65 9247 6520
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2. Bokelicious

Bokelicious is another great option which offers instant printing service in Singapore by using studio-grade lighting setup and with industrial standard high speed printer and dye-sublimation printing. Bokelicious ensures that it offers you the best quality and long lasting photo prints with customized wordings, logo and even photo frames that are ideal for your picture and events such as wedding, parties, corporate event, etc.

Bokelicious offers water resistant industrial high speed dye-sublimation printing for best result & long lasting photo in 3 sizes Credit Card Size (2×3 Inch), 3R size (2.7×4 inch), 4R size (4×6 inch). Some add-on factors of Bokelicious include 2 hour service with Unlimited Prints, Prints each photo according to head count, Studio Photo Booth Setup or Roving, Professional Photographer, Fun Props, Customized Border Design and most amazingly it provides all soft copies in free flash drive.

They also provides one of the best wedding photography service in Singapore. So, you can rely on their services on your big day.

Address: Bokelicious Photography, 680 Upper Thomson Road, #02-05 – Singapore 787103 [Meeting by Appointment Only].
For Appointments Please Contact: +65 8399 5920.
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3. Vivid Snaps

Vivid Snaps offers premium instant photography services in Singapore and delivers best-in-class photo quality and service standards. Vivid snaps does not only offer services in Singapore and Malaysia, but also covers events abroad. Vivid Snaps is delivering high-quality services since 2011. Their range of service includes Event Photography, Corporate Portrait, Instant Photo Booth, Interior Photography, Food Photography, Instant Roving Photography, Award Ceremony Instant Print, Conference Group Photo with Printing, Instant Photo Booth with Photographer, Instagram Printing, Live Instagram Printer, Instant Green Screen Photobooth (Chromakey).

Vivid Snaps is one of the most reliable names in Singapore whose previous clients include some really big names such as IKEA, Unilever, Seiko, KFC, Microsoft, Nestle, Dell, Ernst & Young, Nikon, Toyota, Oracle, Yahoo and many more. Office hours of Vivid Snaps are 12.00pm – 5.00pm from Monday to Friday and the office remain closed on weekend and public holiday.

Address: Vivid Snaps Photography, 30 Kallang Place, #07-22 – Singapore 339159.
Contact: +65 9115 4874 (Office)

4. LiveMoments

LiveMoments is famous for putting awesomeness into your photos. LiveMoments is a great professional and well-known photography agency in Singapore with reputable clients. Be it you social occasions, weddings, corporate happenings or anything, LiveMoments roving & instant printing services in Singapore can add sparkle to it. LiveMoments also provides ‘Live’ photography solutions with merging technology and photography and with an amazing and an experienced team of photographers in order to create and deliver the most memorable and beautiful experience to you and to add great value to your pictures.

LiveMoments offers instant printing in the sizes 4R (4×6 inches), wallet size (34 inches) and Credit card size (91×55 mm). Big portrait sizes such as 5R and 6R are also available. So, for the quality photo printing Singapore needs, you can rely on LiveMoments.

Address: LiveMoments – 1 Raffles Quay, Singapore 048583
Contact: +65 9688 8654
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5. BusyBody.Sg

BusyBody works on two philosophies, i.e. to make it affordable, and to make it beautiful. BusyBody Studios offers a perfect blend of combined of photography and technology to deliver the leading Instant Print Photography service in Singapore. Busybody Studios is a reliable name in instant photography market and offers great range of services including Photo Booth, Live Instagram Printing, Roving Photography, Smartphone Instant Print, Green Screen Photo Booth and GIF booth etc. Busybody offers printing services in a wide range of sizes and picture quality.

Contact: +65 9626 3687
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If you are looking for photo printing Singapore services, the above listed vendors are a must-try. They not only provides a range of instant photo printing services, but also provides framing & other services to give you more options. If you want to recommend a photo printing Singapore service, please add comments below.

Photo Credit: Jim O’Connell

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