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Getting by Bus from Singapore to Cameron Highlands in Malaysia

One of the most scenic hill stations in Malaysia would be The Cameron Highlands. The total area occupied is about 712 square km. It shares one part of its border with Perak, the northwest state of Peninsular Malaysia. The ‘Camerons’ area is 90 km from the capital of Perak, Ipoh, 90 kilometers from the capital city of Kuantan, Pahang.

The highlands are known to carry a diversity of people, more than 38,000 in number. From Malays to non-Malaysian nationalities, all of them either serve the government, work as farmers, entrepreneurs or employees in the industrial sector. Cameron Highlands have been a sanctuary or in words a majestic haven for the homesick especially during the Colonial era.

Currently, people come here from cities as far away as Singapore to experience the natural beauty and as an escape from the heat of the lowlands. A bus from Singapore to Cameron Highlands gives a journey to remember, as the travelers enjoy the scenic beauty of God on their way. Read below to know how you can take a bus ride to reach the oh-so beautiful Cameron Highlands:

On the Road via Bus from Singapore to Cameron Highlands

Total distance from Singapore to the Cameron Highlands is 600 km by road. The best and shortest way of travelling to the highlands is by bus since tourists get dropped off to the hill station directly; especially if they are travelling intercity. The bus from Singapore to Cameron Highlands takes 8 to 10 hours, approximately.

Road travel is the best way to start or end your main tour objective. The highlands consist of various villages and small houses on varying altitudes across. The bus trip from Singapore to the Cameron Highlands turns into a meaningful and all the more unforgettable touring experience as individuals come across various natural aesthetics while travelling comfortably in an air conditioned bus and well maintained roads.

Bus Operating Stations in Singapore

There are many popular operating companies in Singapore that offer buses to travel intra and inter city. The Kinsortium bus service being the most popular amongst tourists, offers daily buses from Singapore to Cameron Highlands directly from Singapore. Sri Maju and the Citiexchange Express & Services are other companies that offer direct bus ride from Singapore to the Cameron Highlands and other cities.

The commendable number of departure stations in Singapore such as the Golden Mile Complex and the Golden Mile Tower makes sure that the buses depart on time for their destinations and help you reach your destination without hassle. Travelers only need to keep a look out for the timings and booking process online.

Booking and Bus Schedules

The booking starts around 8am in the morning and goes on till 10:30 pm at night. If you need to book a bus from Singapore to Cameron Highlands, keeping a rain check on the timings and schedules of the buses is suggested. Booking tickets 24 hours prior to the start of the journey is recommended. It can be done online on the service company websites or in person at their offices. The Kinsortium Express buses usually depart at 10:30 pm at night to the Cameron Highlands from the Golden Mile Tower in Singapore.

Bus Fare

The overnight VIP buses such as the Kinsortium from Singapore to the Cameron Highlands operated from the Golden Mile Tower office costs between SG$55-SG$65 for a 10 hour journey. There are daily buses that take travelers from the fishing town of Kuala Besut in Malaysia to the Cameron Highlands. The tickets cost range is around 60 RM per person for a bus from Singapore to Cameron Highlands.

Destination Stops at the Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands have various drop off points for buses that travel directly from one city to another. The Equatorial Hotel, Ringlet, Lakehouse and the Brinchang Hotel are some of the famous destination stops at the Camerons.

The buses through the town of Simpang Pulai in the Kenta District of Perak, Malaysia and stop at Brinchang. The individual needs to inform the driver if they willing to be dropped at the town hotel of Brinchang directly. Buses usually stop at Ringlet, Tanah Rata, Brinchang Hotel and the Copthorne Hotel (previously known as the Equatorial Hotel).

Best Time to Visit the Cameron Highlands

Off peak season is the best time to visit the Cameron Highlands. The peak season includes weekends, school and the local festival holidays. Tourists might get stuck in traffic jams with little to no exploring around towns. Brinchang however, has a very famous night market, which should be visited on the weekends.

Weather wise, the Highlands are cool throughout the year. The temperature ranges from 14 degrees to 28 degrees with rainfall being common all year round. The month of February and April are dry, however. If you really want to make a memorable and pleasant to the peak trip to the Cameron Highlands, plan your visit in the cooler months between December and February.

If you are planning a trip to Cameron Highlands then do take warm clothes with you, since it is a hill station. To make the most of your trip, we also recommend reading top 10 things to do in Cameron Highlands.

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