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Experience Singapore to Penang Bus Ride for an Adventurous Trip

The turtle shaped, majestic island of Penang lies by the Strait of Malacca on the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It is best known to be the exemplary mixture of Eastern and Western traditions, making it one of the most diverse states of the country. Onwards Malaysian independence in 1957, Penang has undoubtedly become a highly urbanised and industrialised state along with its thriving tourism industry.

George Town, the capital of Penang, is well known for its cultural heritage, street food and medical tourism, making it not only the most salient features of Penang but also one of the main destination spots for tourists travelling here from other cities; for example Singapore.

Singapore to Penang Bus Ride Experience

The total travel distance via bus from Singapore to Penang is almost 712 km. The well-maintained roads and fully air conditioned, comfortable buses make the ride smooth and unforgettable for the travel time of 8 to 10 hours, approximately. If you’re a keen adventure-seeker, travelling by road is the best way to start or end your tour objective. And the best way to do it is none other than taking the ideal bus route. The nature lovers will most definitely love the course of the bus as the journey from Singapore to Penang involves plenty of natural aesthetics to appreciate and note in the mental diary.

Bus Operating Stations in Singapore

In order to make the travel easier, a bus from Singapore to Penang can be booked at the office stations or online from some of the popular operating companies. The Konsortium, Sri Maju, Citiexchange Express & Services are a few of the most reliable offices that offer bus rides to tourists travelling from Singapore to Penang and other states. The various departure points such as the Golden Mile Complex and Golden Mile Tower, will help you reach your destination at Penang without worry. Keeping a lookout for stations online and rain-check on timings of departure is key.

Penang Destination Points

There are various destination points at Penang to be on a look out for. Sunqai Nibonq Bus Terminal, Butterworth Jetty Terminal are the highly popular ones. The Butterworth Jetty Terminal involves a 15 minute ferry ride as a crossover from the island and onto the jetty in George Town as compared to long distance rides via Sunqai Nibonq.

George Town remains unbeatable as one of the main tourist destinations of the Malaysian state of Penang. The UNESCO World Heritage Site welcomes adventurers from different cities and states to its mixture of traditions, diverging at ideas.

The Right Time to Purchase Tickets

The ideal hour to buy bus tickets would be a day before. The usual bus booking begins at 7 am in the morning and goes on until 10:45 – 11 pm in the night.

In case of a traffic of tourists coming in for travels, booking 24 hours prior to the departure is most recommendable. However, if one is travelling on a public holiday, tickets can be booked and bought online. During holidays or any other unforeseen event, it is always feasible to book tickets on the station website.

Bus Fare

Bus charges depend on the operators and their station policies. A fully equipped and comfortable ride by bus from Singapore to Penang would reasonably cost about SD40 – SD50 per individual. This is without a doubt cheaper than a plane ticket and definitely more enjoyable.

Best Time to Visit Penang a.k.a Pearl of the Orient

It would be deceiving to say that Penang is worth visiting at any time of the year. Being an island, the weather conditions and local festivities can have a great impact on the tourism services determining the right time for an ideal visit to the majestic state. The month of early February and March are considered to be the hottest in Malaysia even though the afternoons are pleasant enough for a light stroll in the park. December and January are considered ideal weather-wise since it’s not too hot and not too chilly.

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Penang’s major festivities start early in the year and last till late September. Keeping the city’s diverse community in mind, almost every kind of festival is celebrated here. The tourists get to experience the Dragon Dances for instance and shop at the best stores.

In order to make your journey via bus from Singapore to Penang a memorable one, make sure to be on a look out for bus stations and their timings. You wouldn’t want to be disappointed so early in on the journey!

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