fun things to do in singapore for couples

Couple Retreat – Fun Things to Do In Singapore for Couples

Are you travelling to Singapore with your partners, and looking for the ideas on what to do and where to go in Singapore? Apart from having expensive dinners and enjoying pricey cocktails on rooftop bar? If yes, then simply don’t fret, because this time we have brought you some great and unique fun things to do in Singapore for couples that you can relish with your beloved.

First of all, let us clear you that if you think the country is too small to offer you fun then think again; because Singapore is full of enthralling fun activities that can be equally enjoyed by couples too.

Fun things to do in Singapore for Couples

We have organized a list of 10 most adventurous and captivating fun things to do in Singapore for couples that will make you and your partner enjoy to the fullest apart from regular chocolates, dinners and flower romance.

1. Go Island Hopping- Coney Island

The grass often looks greener somewhere else. And this is one of the major reasons that some most beautiful landscapes and nearby island have been vastly neglected by the local and tourists of Singapore. However, now, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for airfare to enjoy island-hopping in the Philippines or Thailand. Because now, some of the nearby islands which mainly include Coney Island, St John’s Island and Sisters Island are paying the most worthy trips for locals and tourist to Singapore. Among them, Coney Island is relatively a recently open nature sanctuary which can be reached by two bridges that are connected to Pasir Ris and Punggol.

The place is full of nature’s bounty and you can feel the natural appeal of the recreation here, while cycling down with your most loved individual in this whole wide world. This pleasant island extends to 133-hectare, of which 50 hectares comprised of the Coney Island Park. The park nestled more than 80 different species of feathered creatures, including the Oriental Magpie-Robin, Baya Weavers, and parakeets which also makes it an ideal place for bird watching. And if your neck starts feeling straining of watching birds, then make a trip to the park on a bicycle or by strolling around.

There is no requirement for a boat or a watercraft here, but don’t forget to wear a good pair of shoes and sun shades for strolling while also taking along the bicycle with you. What else? Don’t forget to click the iconic pictures in front of the Coney Island entrance.

Address: Pulau Serangoon off the northeastern coast of Singapore.

2. Go Fishing – Bedok Jetty East Coast Park

This could be one of the most distinctive experience that you can enjoy with your partner. Bedok jetty is one of Singapore most popular saltwater fishing spots where local and tourists come to enjoy fishing mostly in the evening and at weekends. Extended to the area of 300 meters, Bedok Jetty extends to the sea, which actually offers land an angled base and a very rare deep water room for fishing.

Bedok Jetty is situated in the Area F of East Coast Park. It is also one of the most loved spot for photographers due to its chocolate-box view. You may always find a bunch of tourists & photographers here, who usually come to click shot especially during the golden sun hours. Bedok Jetty is also perfect for enjoying sunset in Singapore while holding your partner’s hand or strolling the broadwalk.

Apart from the jetty, the entire East Coast Park is also full of lively activities such as roller blading and cycling. But Bedok Jetty is perfect to relax and unwind while enjoying the nature’s beauty and fishing.

Address: East Coast Park Service Road, Singapore 449876.

3. Have An Evening Out – At Sentosa Beach or Bay East Garden at Gardens By The Bay

If picnicking at Marina Barrage is too mainstream or pricey for you; or you may have done before; then head to Bay East Garden at Gardens by the Bay or Sentosa Beach for a different experience. At Bay East Garden, you can relish the glorious views of the Marina Bay skyline while also getting an escape from regular bustling city life. The scene and tranquility of the Bay East Garden with a backdrop of city line is a ‘Just-Perfect’ for two.

Other than Bay East Garden, you can also enjoy a casual evening out by setting up a mat at Sentosa Beach and enjoy a bottle of wine with your partners. Sentosa beach is full of sumptuous Ibiza-style beach bars where things kick starts around mid-evening and weekend gatherings regularly goes for a few hours the whole day. So, if you want a break from regular dine-in and tourism routine; head to Sentosa beach to enjoy a lively evening.

Address: 51 Imbiah Walk, Sentosa, Singapore 099538.

4. From Brunch to Spa – Have A Perfect Day at Dempsey Hill

Delve into the zests of lip-smacking runny eggs, devour in the bacon strips or thump back magnificent espresso at these astounding breakfast and brunch spots settled inside the lush and serene parameters of Dempsey Hill. Dempsey Hill might be somewhat difficult to reach, yet the rich enclave is incessantly vivacious and perky with local and foreigners coming in for profligate dinners, business lunches, luscious breakfasts, marvelous brunches and, swanky post-work drinks, to say the very least.

Although you can practically choose any place in Singapore to have an incredible brunch in Singapore, however if you are having days when one need an escape to a calm and quiet place between the valuable hours of dawn and midday; then the luscious cafés and bistros at Dempsey Hill are matchless.

Dempsey Hill is a perfect-perfect gourmet nirvana which is set against lush rich tropical greenery. Some of the best places to tray at Dempsey Hill include PS.Café, The Green Door, Don Quijote, Jones the Grocer, The White Rabbit, Chop Suey Café, Huber’s Butchery & Bistro, House at Dempsey, The Disgruntled Chef. If you don’t like the bustling environment here then you may also reach for Loewen Cluster, which is located at a very short distance from Dempsey Hill; and is a calm and mellow in comparison.

Here you can enjoy a perfect day out with your partner by having almost everything needed ranging from shopping to an unwinding spa session. So visiting Dempsey Hill is certainly in the list of fun things to do in Singapore for couples.

Address: Block 8D Dempsey Rd #03-01, Singapore 249679.

5. Enjoy a Casual Stroll – Henderson Waves Bridge

Interfacing Telok Blangah Hill Park to Mount Faber Park; Henderson Waves is the most elevated pedestrian bridge in Singapore and is among the most romantic spots in Singapore to get a nightfall. Its inventive spiral structure charmingly mirrors the hues of dusk. And if you want to extend your stroll from the Henderson Waves Bridge, then head to the connected Mount Faber Park, which is also an immensely charming and romantic place to catch a sunset in Singapore.

If you are a morning couple, then you may also enjoy a morning jog here with your partner and also catch a sunrise to start a day together. To add some more value, bring your lovely homemade breakfast here to eat together as the sun slowly rises. You will also get to see the city skyline of Singapore from here, which gradually appear across the vista; as it gets brighter from the top of the bridge.

Address: Henderson Road, Southern Ridges, Bukit Merah, Singapore 159557.

6. Dive The Sky – Skydiving at iFly Sentosa

If you think you can’t do sky diving in Singapore, then please point your compass to Sentosa. Like a bunch of other stimulating fun activities here, you can also enjoy sky diving at iFly experience at Sentosa. iFly is an indoor stimulating experience which offers you to enjoy the real-free falling condition that a human body may feel in reality Moreover, the experience will cost you only 20% of the actual skydiving cost anywhere else.

iFly offers every diver to enjoy two consecutive dives into a windy tunnel which develops stimulation of free-falling from a thousand feet. The time for each skydive is equal to a fall from 12,000 to 3,000 feet. You can also avail the coupe dive too. This is one of the most adrenaline stimulating activity you can bet with the partner in Singapore.

Address: 43 Siloso Beach Walk, #01-01 Sentosa Island, Singapore 099010.

These are some of the fun things to do in Singapore for couples. If you want to suggest a fun activity for couples, please do so by adding comments below.

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