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Camera Rental Singapore – Top Camera Rental Services in Singapore

Have you forgotten your camera at home while packing in a rush? Are you looking for Camera Rental Singapore service? And even don’t stress out if your pocket has not yet allowed you to buy one. Like other things, Singapore will surprise you again and make your trip the best of all by offering some of the best camera rental services. Singapore has plenty of highly reliable cameras rental providers that will gratify your needs to be captured by one of the best lenses. At these camera rentals, you can easily find the equipment that suits exactly your needs depending on the type of photography you are looking for.

Camera Rental Singapore

With high accessibility of these camera rental services in Singapore you can even find the opportunity to enlist the one which you can’t manage the cost of in your everyday life, in this way it is a decent alternative.

Below listed are the top 8 most reliable and affordable camera rental Singapore services prescribed by the tourists.

1. Rent Something Leh Pte Ltd

Rent Something Leh is the first online camera rental company registered in Singapore which delivers the best of camera rental services that you can ever get. Not only their products, but also the quality of their service is commendable. Rent Something Leh offer an ever-growing and extensive collection of professional cameras; ranging from regular DSLRs to action cameras, mounts, video tripods and gimbal which will certainly enable you to take your desired photos and videos while enjoying your holiday activities; and staying in your budget at the same time.

Rent Something Leh also offers a great variety of GoPro’s eponymous action cameras, DJI and Camera Lens at the cheapest prices in Singapore. Although they can deliver the rented equipment at your doorstep against a small fee; but if you want to collect it yourself, then Rent Something Leh has its collection and return unit at Toa Payoh MRT.

Address: 1 Raffles Place #44-02 One Raffles Place, Singapore 048616
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2. EZ Lens Rental LLP

EZ Lens Rental LLP is the friendliest camera rental services that you will ever find in Singapore. EZ Lens Rental believes that photography should be affordable and lens rental should be made easy for photography enthusiasts so that they are capable of capturing the beauty of this world at the best cost. Instead of letting their equipment sit in the dry cabinet, EZ Lens Rental want to share them with you; and for getting those cameras and lenses; you actually don’t have to worry, because EZ Lens Rental will do anything for your comfort. Yes right, Anything means anything.

Firstly, you don’t need to go to them for reservations or collecting / dropping your rented camera; because EZ lens will come to you itself. You can meet them, collect or drop rentals at more than 100 locations; as long there is a MRT, EZ Lens will be there. They also offer the friendliest rental hours; as you can collect or return the equipment at your convenience. EZ Lens Rental also take out ample time to familiarize yourself with the basic usage of the equipment, so try to collect it a day before to practice before play. You can make reservation via call, SMS, E-mail and Facebook.

Address: 171A Edgedale Plains #16-428, Singapore 821171
Phone: + (65) 9138 4497
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3. Lens 4 Lease LLP

Lens 4 Lease LLP is one of the premier camera rental service providers in Singapore. Lens 4 Lease offers a wide variety of DSLR cameras, lenses, flashes, aquatic and aerial photographic equipment such as drones and under-water video-cam etc. along with a great array of photographic accessories. Not only this, but if you also need photography personnel, consultancy or advisory services or any provision of aerial and land photo/video equipment specialists; then still Lens 4 Lease is the ideal choice.

Lens 4 Lease has also recently include a great range of Benro, GoPro and Walkera which is perfect for professional trackers and exploring enthusiast. Minimum rental price starts from $ 30 and they also offer you exciting discounts if you buy both camera and lens from them. For your camera rental Singapore needs, you can simply rely on Lens 4 Lease.

Address: 71 Yishun Ave 11, Singapore 768858
Phone: + (65) 9856 7072 (For Canon) | + (65) 9759 5620 (For Nikon)
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4. Camera Rental Centre LLP

Camera Rental Centre is another trusted name in the camera rental industry in Singapore, which offers an extensive range of photography equipment for rent for the photography lovers. At Camera Rental Centre, you can find Canon, Nikon, Sony, Micro 4/3 and other video, projection and studio accessories. Camera Rental Centre also has an exclusive studio to be rented out that you can use for shooting. Prices of Camera Rental Centre are fairly affordable; moreover, they also offer discounts for renting more than one item and for more than one day rental respectively.

If you have no time to pick and drop, then you can also make your reservations online and Camera Rental Centre will deliver at your doorstep with the standard delivery charges applicable.

Address: 23 New Bridge Rd, #03-01, Singapore 059389
Phone: + (65) 9650 4158
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5. Camera 2 Rent

If you are looking for a one-stop professional photography solution; then Cam2Rent must be your first option. Cam2Rent is a photography rental service centre in Singapore, which provides both camera and studio equipment for rental. Cam2Rent specializes in leasing Canon digital camera equipment along with a great variety of latest camera bodies and mount lens to specifically suit your photography needs.

Cam2Rent has recently setup a whole new arrangement which offers you to use their fully-equipped studio for your shooting needs at very affordable rates.The Camera 2 Rent provides all the answers to your camera rental Signapore needs and you can rely on their amazing services.

Address: 324 King George’s Avenue, Singapore 208566
Phone: + (65) 6225 5508 | + (65) 8522 6768
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6. Camwerkz Pte. Ltd

Camwerkz Pte Ltd is an award winning professional leasing business which offer high quality video, photography camera and equipment rental service in Singapore. Major services of Camwerkz include professional photography equipment rental, video camera rental and DSLR cinematography equipment rental. You may find here a varied array of cameras, lenses, lights, grips, monitor and other photography accessories. Whether you are an amateur photographer/ videographer or a professional; Camwerkz caters the needs of all types of customers; and their expert, knowledgeable and friendly staff is always on their toes to assist you getting the best photography/videography experience.

From Camwerkz, you are required to pick your equipment one day before the booking date between 4-6 pm on weekdays and from 1-3 pm on weekends; and return the equipment after 10:30 am any day.

Address: 10 Anson Road, #26-04 International Plaza, Singapore 079903
Phone: + (65) 6474 4787 | + (65) 9040 6463
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7. MC Broadcast System Pte. Ltd

MC Broadcast System is one of the biggest and most pronounced photography and broadcasting solution services which is trusted all across Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. MC Broadcast System offers the widest variety of HD Multi-Camera Outdoor Broadcast Solutions and a comprehensive range of HD broadcast equipment along with the professional service. Their primary services include Indoor & Outdoor Broadcast, Live or Pre-recorded program, Internet Streaming Broadcast Program, Live CGs, HD OB Setup, Satellite Uplink and Downlink etc.

Their high-tech photography and video pantry has more than 300 broadcasting equipment for rent to gratify your needs. If you are looking for shooting and streaming a live event or activity, MC can offer you the best and affordable solution.

Address: 10 Anson Road, #26-04 International Plaza, Singapore 079903
Phone: + (65) 9451 8322
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8. Cinegear (S) Pte. Ltd.

Ranging from Digital Camera rental to Cine Prime Lenses rental, Camera Accessories rental, Broadcasting Equipment rental, Audio System rental, Photography Lenses rental, HD Multicam System rental, DSLR rental, HD Monitoring System rental, Studio Lights Dolly & Crane rental, Grip Equipment rental and power support rentals; Cinegear (S) Pte. Ltd. has everything that you need and can’t afford to have immediately. Cinegear is the largest camera rental service with the most organized delivery and carriage network, which provide equipment rental to Digital Cinematographers and Cinema & Broadcast.

Their rental equipment list is enormous, including Lighting, Grip  and Sound Equipment for Motion Pictures, TV Commercials;  Feature Film Equipment Rental for Live Broadcasting, TV Drama, Tele-Movie, Short Film, Reality Studio Show and Event Show and Multicam 4 & 8 Units Systems for Studio Rental.

Address: 18 Howard Road, #01-02 Novelty Biz Centre, Singapore 369585
Phone: + (65) 6702 3023
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These are some of the companies that you can rely on for your camera rental Singapore needs. These companies not only provide quality equipment but also provides short term and long term camera rental solutions in Singapore for tourists & locals. Once you have got the camera, do checkout some amazing places in Singapore to catch and capture the sunset. If you want to suggest  a similar service, please do so by adding comments below.

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