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Bus from Singapore to Malacca – Providing an Ultimate Road Journey

Malacca is the capital of the State of Malacca and is situated on the West Coast of peninsular Malaysia. Many people outside Malaysia are not aware of the fact that it is fast gaining popularity as a holiday destination. Malacca is rich in history and has been awarded the title of World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2008.

Bus from Singapore to Malacca

The beauty of Singapore and Malacca can be best explored by travelling through road. Taking a bus from Singapore to Malacca is the most ideal way to enjoy the scenic beauty and have a hassle-free journey. You can also book your tickets online and other arrangements easily beforehand.

The 236 km distance from Singapore to Malacca can be covered in 4 to 5 hours depending on how long it takes to cross Singapore-Malaysian border. The Melaka Sentral bus terminal is 4.5 km from the city center.

Bus Operators

Many bus companies from Singapore operate from City Plaza. You can take a bus from Singapore to Melaka through the following bus service companies:

  • Malacca-Singapore Express: the ticket from Singapore to Malacca costs SGD$20 and this service operates on an hourly basis.
  • Delima Express: Cost of ticket is $21/RM22. Online booking is also available and boarding location from Singapore is City Plaza.

These buses take you directly to the Melaka Sentral bus station from Singapore. Once you are there, go to bus stop No. 17, from where you can take a local bus of the same number in the center of the city.

Many Singaporeans prefer to go to Malacca on Saturday morning and return on Sunday afternoon. So it is best to buy tickets in advance if you are not availing the online option or if it is not available.

The bus from Singapore to Malacca has different fares. The fares depend upon the class of the bus. The prices start from S$18-S$50. Often passengers take a route through Johar Bahru also to enjoy the stay and also the fare is same.

Just like air travel, while travelling by bus, you will need to get your passport stamped on both the borders. At peak times, the borders are crowded and it can take some time. Another thing is that you should have your entire luggage with you when you are entering or leaving Singapore/Malacca. The bus usually waits for the passenger but if it takes you too long at the customs, then the bus leaves and you are expected to take another bus. The bus has a 20-30 minutes rest stay where you can buy food and use washroom facilities.

Best Time to Visit Malacca

The relatively stable weather of Malacca makes it an ideal spot to be visited at any time of the year. The temperature stays in the range of 30 degree C and so it enjoys a tropical climate. However, the heaviest rainfall experienced in Malacca is during September and November. The driest months are April onwards.

Once you are in Malacca, you will realize that Malacca is not a small city and there is much to do there. You can rent a bicycle and have a look around the ancient remains of the city. Other options available to explore the city are by hiring a taxi or using the trishaw. Moreover, Malacca is a safe place with low crime rate, but beware of the pickpockets. One more thing to note when you are in Malacca is that you need to carry your identification papers and passport with you as the police tend to conduct a random check to get hold of illegal immigrants. The top things to do in Malacca are also explained in detail here.

To truly explore the scenic beauty of Malacca and Singapore, there is no better option than travelling through road and that too by bus. Because of the facilities available, this mode of transport is very convenient and easy on your pocket too.

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