Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Singapore to try Vietnamese Food

Those people who are in search of a healthier option of feasting can switch to Vietnamese cuisine which is known to contain less fat and abundant vegetables. Vietnamese food comprises of a lot of rice dishes and noodle cakes, as it is the primary source of starch which is incorporated into everyday meals. Additionally, most of these dishes are combined with a wide variety of meat, vegetables, herbs and spices.

The Vietnamese cuisine is slowly and gradually growing in popularity these days, and as we talk about Singapore, Asia’s food city, these wide array of Vietnamese dishes is winning the hearts of all Singaporeans. Most people are switching to a healthier lifestyle, and eating options accounts for a major portion of staying fit.

Vietnamese Restaurants in Singapore

In Singapore, authentic and affordable Vietnamese food can be a bit tricky to find, but a few great Vietnamese restaurants can be located with a bit of exploration. Here is our guide to best Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore, which specialize in flavorful and unique Vietnamese cuisine.

1. Mrs Pho

A local favorite, Mrs Pho is winning the hearts of all those people in Singapore who are craving for some delectable Vietnamese dishes. The majority of the Pho bowls cost less than 10 bucks, and this is one of those places where you can feast without worrying about the money in your wallets. At Mrs Pho, one must definitely not miss the Beef Combo Noodle Soup which is served with a hearty portion of beef balls, beef rounds and beef briskets. It is served in scrumptious broth, and the beef slices are tender and slightly pink.

A horde of condiments such as fish sauce, chilli sauce and preserved red chilli to add flavor to your broth. A side of Fried Pork spring rolls and Mrs Pho special Summer Iced Tea will make your dining experience truly remarkable. The authentic food of Mrs Pho, makes it one of the recommended Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore.

Address: 349 Beach Road, Singapore 199570
Hours: Daily 11AM – 10PM
Phone: +65 6292 0018

2. NamNam Noodle Bar

The NamNam Noodle Bar is one of the most renowned Vietnamese food joints in Singapore, offering authentic and satisfying Vietnamese cuisine. The food, décor and interior will transfer you to the nostalgic lanes of Vietnam as they comprise of famous dishes like Bánh Mi, Phos, and lots more. The Pho Beef Combinations consist of a full body broth that is put to boil for a good one whole day. Then there is the Caramelized five spice Pork Belly Bánh Mi and the rich and flavorful Sauteed Lemongrass Pork Noodles which are classic favorites. There are many outlets of NamNam Noodle Bar located in Singapore that are waiting to satisfy all your Vietnamese cravings.

Address: 252 North Bridge Road, #B1-46/47, Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103
Hours: Daily 8 AM–9:30 PM
Phone: +65 6336 0500

3. Sandwich Saigon

Yet another option of fulfilling your Vietnamese cravings is to head down to Sandwich Saigon, which is known for its amazing range of must-try Bánh Mi’s. This food street is a classic and offers the best Bánh Mi’s (baguette sandwiches) which is crispy from the outside and light as a feather from the inside. The sandwich consists of a filling of different kinds of meat and pickled vegetables. Though these baguettes look deceivingly simple, one bite is enough to drive you to madness! The crusty and crispy baguette sandwiches at Sandwich Saigon are freshly baked on a daily basis, and the fillings comprise of home-made dressing and farm-fresh ingredients.

Don’t forget to try the Saigon Special that features ham and pork belly, or the more distinctive Pork Chop Sandwich. The menu even includes classic Vietnamese dishes like Beef Noodle Soup, Fried Spring Rolls and Dry Rice Noodle with Pork Chops. The Sandwich Saigon will give you an authentic Saigon taste and for the same reason it is among the best Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore.

Address: 93 East Coast Road, Singapore 428792
Phone: +65 6345 3849

4. Wrap and Roll

This modern day Vietnamese food chain has many of its outlets located across Australia, Vietnam and Singapore. Wrap and Roll has a very simple menu that offers a wide array of Vietnamese specialties and signature dishes like noodles and rice topped with grilled meat, and steamed rice crepe rolls. As the name suggests, Wrap and Roll insist you try their specialty rolls such as Fresh Pork and Prawn Spring Rolls and Beef Steamed Rice Crepe Rolls.

Their menu even has a “Roll it Yourself” section which allows you to gear in for some action and begin rolling. Don’t forget to try their unique Bánh Xèo Crispy Crepes with a filling of Pork, Prawns, Mushrooms and Bean Sprouts.

The Wrap and Roll has multiple outlets in Singapore, including, The Star Vista, ION Orchard & Changi City Point. Visit their website for more information.

5. Lang Nuong

The first ever Vietnamese barbeque restaurant in Singapore is one of a kind and specializes in providing a terrific BBQ experience that reflects the buzzing and bustling of Vietnamese streets. Savor their seafood and grilled meat that is marinated in delectable home-made dressings on top of a blazing charcoal fire. Dip them in sauces that are imported all the way from Vietnam and enjoy a splendid Vietnamese barbeque session with friends and family.

The Premium Mixed Platter includes a perfect combination of seafood, chicken, pork and mushrooms, and the Exclusive Seafood Platter comes with tiger prawns, crayfish, mussels and scallops. The Vietnamese Hotspot is the best option for rainy days. Altogether, Lang Nuong is a good dining place for couples and small groups of friends or family.

Address: 18 Foch Road, Singapore 209260
Open: Daily 12 to 11 PM
Phone: +65 9235 3548

These are some of the known and famous Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore. If you want to recommend a Vietnamese restaurant, please add comments below.

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