Best Spanish Restaurants in Singapore for Tapas, Paellas & more

If there is any generalized statement you can say for the Singaporeans, it would definitely have to be that they are hard core food fanatics. The people here are always on the hunt for premium quality food. While in Singapore, you are likely to find almost every range of world cuisine there exists, so why not try the delectable paellas, tapas and sangrias here? In case you are not aware, these are a few traditional Spanish dishes that you can savor even in a city like Singapore.

A lot of European restaurants are opening up here, and this is undoubtedly why so many people are falling for Spanish delicacies. The Spanish cuisine is very much similar to the Asian cuisine that is so loved. Spanish cuisine comprises of a lot of power packed spices, rich flavors and use of herbs.

Best Spanish Restaurants in Singapore

Whichever region or dish you favor, be it patatas bravas, paella or gazpacho, you really owe yourself a delish treat in Singapore. Head down to some of the best Spanish restaurants in Singapore listed below without wasting any time.

1. Binomio

The only thing you can see as you stand outside is the usual, laid-back 20 seat tapas bar; but as you step inside you will notice that Binomio is actually established in three quarters, with a luxuriant 70 seated dining place with starch white table cloths and a proper table service. Binomio lets you chow down on more than 20 simple yet delicious Spanish tapas such as Spanish potato omelette and tortilla de patatas or fully experience petite plates of potato escabeche and baby octopus.

The mushroom croquettes are what stand out the most. Binomio is also the best option when it comes to paellas. Don’t forget to try their delicious and moist classic favorite, the seafood and chicken paella or the popular squid ink paella with calamari and clams. So, for quality Spanish food, you must try Binomio as it is one of the best Spanish restaurants in Singapore.

Address: 20 Craig Rd, #01-02, Craig Place, Craig Place, Singapore 089692
Phone: +65 6557 0547

2. Esquina

This is the one and only Jason Atherton featured Spanish restaurant in Singapore which still lives on to the expectations of both locals and expats with its impressively superb dishes and vibrant atmosphere. Try the barbequed mackerel, the ox cheek olorosos that are sprinkled with bone marrow crumbs, and the pork belly confit. The chefs at Esquina stand apart from other restaurants as prepare bite size Spanish tapas in the most exquisite manner, which reflect nothing except premium culinary art. The Chefs even respond to special requests and come up with a vegetarian version of Spanish meals.

Address: 16 Jiak Chuan Road, Singapore 089267
Phone: +65 6222 1616

3. Ola Cocina Del Mar

The dishes at Ola Cocina Del Mar are curated to perfection, bringing people to dine in at what is considered an establishment of Osvaldo Forlino. This Spanish restaurant in Singapore has an extremely homely feeling, with a natural open space that is decorated in thick dark wood and brown leather. If you are fond of coastal delights then this Spanish restaurant will certainly appeal to you.

A few highlights of Ola Cocina Del Mar include the fisherman’s soup, clams prepared in seafood stock, squid ink black noodle paella, dishes comprised of prawns, lobsters, veal and an amazing selection of approximately twelve tapas, six main courses and four sweet sensations. Ola Cocina Del Mar also recommends a glass of sangria to keep you accompanied.

Address: Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, 12 Marina Blvd, 01 – 06, Singapore 018982
Phone: +65 6604 7050

4. Sabio by the Sea

If continuous rounds of tapas and the marina views does it for you then you should certainly choose Sabio by the Sea as your destination. Be sure that you don’t miss out El Pulpo, where the food does all the talking. This fresh octopus leg is grilled to perfection, maintaining the juiciness, and is served with bold violet mashed potatoes. Sabrio by the Sea also hosts an all you can eat tapas on weekdays along with the weekend brunch.

Sabio by the Sea is a spinoff from the usual Sabio Tapas Bar at Duxton Hill. Both are, however, a good place to chill out with friends. So for quality tapas, do visit Sabio by the Sea as it is one of the quality and the best Spanish restaurants in Singapore.

Address: 31 Ocean Way, #01-02 Quayside Isle, Quayside Isle, Singapore 098373
Phone: +65 6690 7568

5. Don Quijote

This Spanish restaurant doesn’t fail to convince anyone, which is probably the reason why is always filled with a horde of Spanish food lovers in Singapore. Don Quijote is recommended for its authentic Spanish dishes with an extensive array of 80 items containing everything from savory soups, paellas, hot and cold tapas, succulent meats, pastas and juicy steaks. There are two outlets of Don Quijote, both of which are equally good.

The one at Dempsey is known for having the largest bar, keeping a stock of more than 100 kinds of beverages like whiskeys, vodkas, rum and beers. The meatballs with pine-nuts and apple sauce and Rabo De Toro (a robust oxtail stew with potatoes, carrots & garbanzo beans) are a must try.

Address: Dempsey Road, #01-02, Block 7, Singapore 249671
Phone: +65 6476 2811

These are some of the recommended and the best Spanish restaurants in Singapore. If you want to recommend a Spanish restaurant in the city to try out best tapas & paellas, please add comments below.

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