Best Korean Restaurants in Singapore for Authentic Korean Food

Korean food is considered to be amongst the healthiest cuisines and better eating choice. This cuisine clearly emphasizes on vegetables, grains and meats, and the Korean dishes are cooked in the simplest way with seasonings of well-known sauces and spices like sesame oil, sesame, soybean paste, ginger, garlic, chili pepper paste and chili pepper flakes. It will be a pity if you come across this kind of Korean food in Singapore and leave without trying a bite or two of Korean food. For your convenience, we have reviewed some of the best Korean Restaurants in Singapore below.

A typical Korean meal usually features lots of side dishes (banchan) which accompany each other. For the Koreans, eating is one of the best ways to connect people together and enrich bodies with medicines and tastes rather than just focusing on satisfying our stomachs. A meal like this, which includes a wide array of components composed of several ingredients is the greatest means of transforming philosophy to actual life.

Best Korean Restaurants in Singapore

The Korean food comes to life with the devotion and passion of proficient chefs who are always on their toes to provide you premium quality and taste. Here is a list of the best Korean restaurants in Singapore that allow you to submerge yourself in the delectableness of Korean food.

1. Don Dae Bak

The Don Dae Bak is the place which the locals consider to be the closest to authentic Korean food in Singapore, all because of provision of fresh meats rather than frozen ones. This Korean restaurant is typically run by South Korean female along with waiters, and this small food chain is always packed and catering to large groups of friends and families. The lunch and dinner buffets offer a widespread range of vegetables, meats and several side picks. More than eight kinds of meat are served at Don Dae Bak, namely pork loin, beef brisket, spicy chicken, moderate chicken, pork belly, marinated pork loin, marinated pork belly and marinated beef.

Choose from an authentic selection of Korean sides like Kimchi (fermented vegetables), seaweed soup, Gimbap (steamed rice rolled in seaweed with a filling of pickled vegetables), omelette with spinach and Kimchi, Japchae (sweet potato noodles that are stir-fried in sesame oil with carrots, mushrooms, onions and spinach), and cocktail sausages. Try their chef’s recommend, the spicy Pollock egg soup (comprises of radish, garlic, eggs, sesame oil, red chili and Pollock fish).

Address: 35 Kreta Ayer Road, Singapore 089000
Phone: +65 6226 1727

2. Yoogane

This Korean restaurant in Singapore is especially known for its juicy and tempting Dakgalbi stir fried spicy chicken. Altogether there are three outlets of Yoogane. The usual favorite of everyone here is the Cheese Chicken Galbi, which comprises of the signature style tender chicken meat which is marinated in the distinctive Yoogane sauce, served with rice cakes, fresh vegetables, and thinly sliced potatoes. To top it all, the entire dish is encompassed with a thick layer of melted gooey cheese oozing out on every bite.

The chicken lovers must definitely head down to this place because you will find chunks of chicken covered in melted, sketchy cheese that add an extra oomph factor. Do try Yoogane as it is one of the best Korean restaurants in Singapore.

Address: 3 Gateway Drive, #03-08 Westgate, Singapore 608532
Phone: +65 6710 7821

3. Bigmama Korean Restaurant

This particular Singaporean Korean restaurant combines the recipes of the famous chef owner, Candy Namgung Ji Young’s mother to come up with superb and healthy meals, for consistent taste and better taste. This is probably the reason BigMama Korean restaurant doesn’t make any use of MSG in its dishes. Try out their gastronomic delights like Dakgaibi (chicken marinated with chili and then pan-fried, served with potatoes, fresh vegetables and rice cakes).

Once you have devoured the chicken, the vegetables and sauce can be pan-fried further with steamed rice to create a Kimchi flavor fried rice. Suyuk (crispy and chewy oven baked slices of pork belly with market greens and pickled beansprouts) are also worth trying.

Address: 2 Kim Tian Road, Singapore 169244
Phone: +65 6270 7704

4. Wang Dae Bak

If you want to derive pleasure of some awesome Korean barbeque then Wang Dae Bak is probably the best option you have in Singapore. Here you will spot Korean men and families gulping down on Makgeoli (Korean rice wine) and feasting on barbecued meat. The restaurant mirrors a typical Korean BBQ restaurant in South Korea, and it is adorned with circular metal tables, an old chimney exhaust, and lots of plastic chairs and restaurant sized seats.

Meat lovers can order the beef tongue, spicy chili-marinated chicken, pork bellies, marinated shoulder loin and the prime rib over the charcoal fire, at varying prices. Other options include crispy seafood pancakes with squid stuffing, shrimp and clam, and a sincere bowl of Korean ginseng chicken soup. If you are craving for Korean food in Singapore, you should head to Wang Dae Bak as it is one of the recommended Korean restaurants in Singapore.

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Address: 98 Amoy Street, Singapore 069918
Phone: +65 6226 0450

5. Togi Korean Restaurant

For a lighter and healthier option you can choose to dine in at the Togi Korean Restaurant in Singapore, which serves the most outstanding soondubuchigae. The terrific bowl of soonduhuchigae here is basically a bean curd stew, and that also the best in Singapore. Nothing can beat the hunger pangs and cravings of a bean curd stew than a large bowl of Togi’s soondubuchigae, which has won the hearts of people with its generous serving of seafood in this rich and flavorful soup. The dish is a tad bit spicy, and you can adjust the level of spiciness on request. Also, the bowl is large enough to be shared.

Address: 11 Mosque Street, Singapore 059491
Phone: +65 6221 0830

These are some of the known and authentic Korean restaurants in Singapore. So, if you are craving for the Korean food in Singapore, you should try one of the above listed restaurants. To recommend a Korean restaurant in town, please add comments below.

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