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Best Graduation Gifts to Buy From Singapore for newly Grad’s

Regardless of what age you are; finishing an academic year is always special. Especially graduating from a professional institute, college, high school or project study, is an accomplishment that is worthy of applause and festivity. And for this big achievement, newly grads deserve some most remarkable and inspirational gifts that make them forget about all the prospective hindrances and despondencies, not to mention, such as education loans and increased financial responsibilities.

Not only this, but a graduation should be also be inspiring and motivating that encourage them in their forthcoming chapters of lives, whether it is their first job, or professional studies; as they are likely to be challenged with increased and more practical and tough experiences in their lives. Thus, we believe that their cap off moment has to be very special and should be fully celebrated with some fabulous graduation gifts that encourage them taking their adulthood, higher academic ranks and professional lives and like a champion. And to help you out choosing some best graduation gifts, we have rounded up a list of some amazing gift items that are all the way perfect for celebrating this big day and choosing a motivating mementos for your friends and family.

Graduation Gifts Singapore

To copiously celebrate the excitement of graduation with ideal graduation blessings and mementos you may choose from a wide range of gifts for example, a memorial photograph frame that captured the radiating face of the graduate, an engraved set of pen for future work and study, an inspiring wall-plaque, or a customized graduation embellishment. The Singaporean gift market offers you an extensive array of amazing graduation gifts Singapore items that are best suited for every occasion.

Below listed are the most sought after can’t-go-wrong and inexpensive gift items that you can buy from Singapore, that are best suited for presenting as a graduation gift to your dear ones.

1. Dream Big Accessories & Silhouette Signature Canvas

Dream Big Accessories and Silhouette Signature Canvas are perfect to be presented when someone has accomplished a milestone and is turning onto a new leaf in his life. Dream Big accessories are supremely inspirational and makes a perfect gift for newly graduates in Singapore.

There is a wide range of dream big accessories that you may find easily at the Singaporean malls, shopping streets, gift shops and even at the online options. Dream big accessories usually include Canvas, Pillows, Keepsake Boxes, Wall-Hangings and Throws that are perfectly affordable and make the best gift for newly alumnae. Price for dream big accessories starts from $ 20 and $ 40 for Silhouette Signature Canvas.

2. Graduation Photo Keepsakes Blocks, Photo Sculptures, Tiles & Frames

Graduation Photo Keepsakes, Blocks, Photo Sculptures, Tiles & Frames make another great option for blessing and cheering up the pass-outs. Embellished with an artistic image of the graduate and his/her name and graduation year makes a memorable vestige to be given. An exclusive and customized Graduation Photo Keepsakes can be ordered online & the price starts from $40.

3. Graduation Tile Boxes

Graduation tile boxes could be also be an ultimate alternative. Inscribed with some amazing quotes and statement, these tile boxes make a wonderful keepsake for life long. Some of the most suited for the occasion include the ones that extoll ‘Believe in Yourself’, ‘Fly High’, or simply the name of the graduate and his passing year. This gift could be a carrier of memories for the new champions. Price starts from $25.

4. Graduation Treat Jars, Character Mugs & Customized Gift Baskets

Graduation Treat Jars, character mugs and customized gift baskets are among some of the most affordable and versatile gift items; as they allow you modify them according to your own choice. Decorated with a piece of advice, graduate’s name or other essential, they are perfectly customizable. You can add some additional trifles or baubles to the jar or may just fill it with some sweet treats like chocolate, cookies, etc. Feel free to make your choices and the price starts from $25.

5. Graduation Plush Bouquets by Toki

Flowers always bring joy, wonderful support and appreciation at every event. Toki is one of the famous Singaporean florist that offers an amazing range of interesting floral bouquets. These wonderful creations make one of the greatest gift options for the newly graduates. Apart from flowers you may also find a wide range plush toys and balloons here.

These are some of the graduation gifts Singapore items you should consider for the newly grads. If you want to recommend a gift item, please add comments below.

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