Best Balinese-Styled Indonesian Restaurants in Singapore

Here is a guide especially for all the people who think that it is hard to find some good Indonesian restaurants in Singapore. In a city where there is so much cultural diversity, you are likely to spot all kinds of diverse cultures and gastronomic tastes. Even if you do not belong to this particular culture, you would not want to miss out on this unique, flavorful, lip-smacking and ethnic Indonesian cuisine which comprises of a perfect combination of unusual spices.

Recently, Indonesia celebrated its 67 years of Independence, and with a total of 17,580 islands, it remains the biggest archipelago in all of Southeast Asia even to this date. There are so many islands here that it is well expected for Indonesian cuisines to differ from one region to another. Though in Singapore there aren’t a lot of places that serve authentic Indonesian cuisine, but anyone who is up for some tasty and spicy food must know where to get it from.

Best Indonesian Restaurants in Singapore

Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage really suits the needs, budgets and tastes of many people in Singapore, which is why we have hunted down some of the best Indonesian restaurants in Singapore you can head down to.

1. Ayam Penyet Ria

This highly renowned Indonesian restaurant in Singapore takes great pride in serving the best of the best “Ayam Penyet” which traditionally is a Javanese dish. “Ayam Penyet” basically stands for “smashed chicken” and the entire dish is served with a major blob of home-based chilli paste called “sambal belacan” and a spoonful of fried bean curd called “tahu.” The chicken is first marinated with spices and then deep-fried, after which it is smashed with a wooden mallet.

Ayam Penyet is the staple dish Indonesians and tastes even better with boiled white rice and a sharp and tangy sour vegetable soup, called “sayur asam.” You must definitely not miss out on their wide variety of “smashed” and every day value meals such as “cumi-cumi penyet,” which stands for smashed baby squid.

The outlets of Ayam Penet Ria in Singapore can be found in Lucky Plaza, Far East Plaza, Jurong Point & Bedok Mall. You can visit their website for more information.

2. Cumi Bali Indonesian Restaurant

This old-fashioned Balinese-styled restaurant has a country side touch to it and a rich account by providing the most authentic quality Indonesian food in Singapore. Cumi Bali Restaurant is typically run by a family and host a limited number of specialty dishes like Cumi Bali (grilled sotong with black sweet sauce), Sate Madura (Chicken Satay), Ikan Bakar (grilled fish with the kafir lime leaf) and a few more. This Indonesian restaurant is embellished with traditional Balinese home décor and comprises of two storeys in a stophouse besides Tanjong Pagar.

Every dish here is cooked to perfection by the most passionate and devoted chefs. So, do visit Chumi Bali as it is one of the renowned and best Indonesian Restaurants in Singapore.

Address: 66 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088487
Phone: +65 6220 6619

3. Tambuah Mas Indonesian Cuisine

This too is a home-based Indonesian cuisine in Singapore that originates all the way from Java, Padang and Sulawesi. Tambuah Mas is classified under the first-ever Indonesian restaurants that bore existence in Singapore, and since then has been winning the hearts of people by serving traditional dishes from Sulawesi, Java and Padang. All these food items are prepared by local Indonesian chefs who indulge it in family spices to preserve the authenticity and live up to the expectations.

Their must-try dish is the Tahu Telor, which comprises of fried and cubed eggs and beancurd with a topping of sweet and spicy dark sauce.

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4. Warung Lele Restaurant

The Warun Lele is another renowned Indonesian Restaurant in Singapore. The specialty dish Nasi Tumpeng which is a cone of steamed white rice is served on a hand woven bamboo tray. The entire tray comes with a wide assortment of several Indonesian dishes like Empal Gepuk (spicy and sweet fried beef), Ayam Goreng (fried chicken) and Tempe Orek (sweet and fried soybean cake). This is traditionally believed to be a ceremonial dish which serves as a token of gratitude to the ancestors and Gods.

The cone-shaped mountain of rice acts as a symbol of the widespread volcanoes and mountains in Indonesia. The restaurant also hosts a la carte menu of typical Indonesian styled soup, seafood and curries.

Address: 8 Shenton Way, #01-16/19 AXA Tower, Singapore 068811
Phone: +65 6423 1552

5. Garuda Padang Cuisine

The Garuda Padang Cuisine is drawn out from the customary Minangkabau recipe, but is served in a rather chic and clean minimalist style. The well-known Indonesian food chain in Singapore offers an amazing menu that costs more than $30 per person. A few Indonesian favorites that reflect the Pedang’s mellow and earthy flavors include the Gulai Ayam (chicken curry), Sambal Cumi-Cumi and the Tahu Goreng Bumbu Nenas (fried beancurd served with peanut sauce and pineapples).

It is said that the restaurant provides exceptional services to its customers, hence it is one of the most highly recommended Indonesian restaurants in Singapore.

Address: 220 East Coast Rd, Singapore 428917
Phone: +65 6441 0220

These are some of the known and best Indonesian Restaurants in Singapore. If you want to recommend an Indonesian restaurant in town, please add comments below.

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