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3 Ways to Travel by Bus from Singapore to Johor Bahru

Whether you are a local or a tourist, you must opt for a bus from Singapore to Johor Bahru as a means of travelling as it is one of the most convenient and affordable way to commute. Be it a travel for work, shopping or a career break visit, you have multiple options available to choose from different bus companies offering transportation services.

Bus from Singapore to Johor Bahru

There are three most known bus companies providing transportation services like Causeway Link, SBS Transit 170 and Singapore-Johor Express.  You can pick a bus from Singapore to Johor Bahru from these exclusive bus service providers.

You can easily decide which company bus to choose for your trip to Johor Bahru from Singapore. All of these buses leave from Queen Station in Singapore. If you are a tourist, you are advisable to keep a map with you so you don’t waste your time finding the station if needed.

1. SBS Transit 170

This bus makes sure that no one is left lost in their ways to Johor Bahru or to Singapore and therefore stops at almost all the stations and terminals throughout its routes to the destined city. With $2.50 (Cash) in hand, you can trustfully rely on the services. The only drawback of using this bus service is that it tends to waste a lot of time because of the long queues of people trying to catch the bus at every station.

It passes through Larkin Terminal in Johor Bahru and 60 different stops. Apart from these stops the bus moves form Bukit Timah, Sultan Iskandar CIQ, Woodlands CIQ, Woodlands Road, Jalan Tun Abdul Razak and Upper Bukit Timah.

It is the only bus service from Singapore to Johor Bahru that is bidirectional and the only local franchised bus services. SBS Transit 170 has been frequently accessible within 11 to 17 minutes. With easy card the passengers are given a discount of $.49 by paying S$2.01 for a single ticket.

2. Causeway Link Buses

There is a big number of Causeway Link buses available at the Queen station, Singapore to Johor Bahru. Depending on different routes, there are two sorts of Causeway Link buses from Singapore to Johor Bahru i.e. CW1 and CW2. CW1 leaves from Kranji MRT Station in Singapore for Larkin bus terminal in Johor Bahru whereas CW2 leaves from the Queens Station Singapore for the same Larkin bus terminal with no interruptions of breaks on the way to the destination. The ticket cost $3.30 Singaporean Dollars.

When compared with SBS there is a limited number of passengers waiting for this bus, hence facilitating all the passengers with the seats equally. They too offer EZlink services for making the payment. If you are in a hurry and want to save your traveling time you can easily catch any one of the Causeway Link buses as you will be charged accordingly and after reaching Woodlands, you can switch to any other bus suiting your destination.

3. Singapore-Johor Express (SJE)

If you are taking a bus from Singapore to Johor Bahru particularly from Queen station to Larkin terminal SJE is the most suitable choice for you. With a ticket costing you S$3.30, it has a perfect tour-bus environment. The seats are comfortable and traveling time is spent peacefully as there is a fewer number of passengers on the bus.

It is more expensive as compared to SBS and Causeway Link buses.  This bus service has a very low frequency and you need to be patient. You need to have cash with you as payment is acceptable in cash only.

Best time to Visit Johor Bahru

The most suitable time for visiting Johor Bahru is April to October. The weather conditions are travel-appropriate, though visitors from cold climate countries are advised to bring clothing that is appropriate in hot climate as the temperatures are high during this time of the year. From November to February, the monsoon season is at its peak and therefore, there is a constant rainy season, which creates problems in travelling so plan your vacation accordingly.

The traveling time to Johor Bahru from Singapore is less than an hour, so the local also frequently visit Johor Bahru for shopping & food, especially on the weekend. It is thus advisable to travel to Johor Bharu on the weekdays. There are plenty of activities you can do in Johor Bahru like shopping, food, sightseeing & more. For more details, you can checkout things to do in Johor Bahru.

Hope this guide will help you in planning your trip through bus from Singapore to Johor Bahru and you shall definitely make out a memorable one!

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